Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisor Office Locations and Phone Numbers:

  • Dr. Cristina Bodinger-De Uriarte (MA in Sociology Advisor)--KH A3051, (323) 343-2212

  • Dr. Roseann Giarrusso (BA in Sociology Advisor)--KH C3093, 323-343-2200

  • Dr. Margaret Jefferson (BIOL/MICR Advisor)--ASC Wing B 323B, (323) 343-2059

  • Dr. Hyunsook Park (HCAO Advisor)--ASC L 353, (323) 343-2060

  • Dr. Gretchen Peterson (Chair of Sociology)—King Hall C3093, (323) 343-2200

  • Dr. James Rudd (NATS Advisor)—ASC Wing B 121A, (323) 343-2219

  • Dr. Katrina Yamazaki (BIOL/MICR Advisor)--ASCB Wing B 323E, (323) 343-2086

To schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor, please use the AppointmentPlus system.

To schedule an appointment with a professional advisor in the NSS Advisement Center, please see the "Visit Our Advisors" page.