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Language Study at CSULA

The two languages currently most strongly represented at CSULA are Spanish and French, with 11 faculty members specializing in Spanish literature and linguistics, and 2 faculty members specializing in French language and literature. In addition, there are full-time professors specializing in Chinese linguistics and applied Japansese linguistics. Classes are also periodically offered in Arabic, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, and Russian. To keep abreast of language offerings at CSULA, consult the Schedule of Classes or the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.

If you would like to study a language that is not currently being offered at CSULA, a good resource is the CSLA/UCLA Cooperative Program in Foreign Languages. Through this program, eligible CSLA students may take courses at UCLA in languages other than English not offered at CSLA. Following is information regarding this program:

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: You must be a full-time student in good standing at CSLA, and have a sound reason (acadmic or professional) for taking the UCLA course.


  1. Contact the Graduate Secretary of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at CSLA in order to verify your eligibility.
  2. Submit a written request to participate in the Cooperative Program. The request, addressed to Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, CSLA, must include an explanation of why you wish to take the UCLA language course.
  3. Upon approval of the request, enroll in FLCP 288 (1-4 units, lower division) or FLCP 488 (1-4 unites, upper division) at CSLA. DO NOT enroll in the UCLA course.
  4. Take proof of your CSLA enrollment in FLCP 288 or FLCP 488 to the instructor of the UCLA language course, explain that you are participating in the Cooperative Program, and obtain his/her permission to take the course.
  5. Remind the UCLA instructor that he/she should communicate your grade to the Chair of the Department of CSLA as soon as it is determined. This may be done via fax (323) 343-4234 or e-mail (hvillar@calstatela.edu). Should notification be made after submission of grades at CSLA, a grade of "RD" (Report Delayed) will be assigned. It will be changed upon receipt of the grade from the UCLA instructor.

NB: UCLA Extension courses may NOT be taken through this program.

For more information, contact either of the following individuals:

Dr. H. Villareal, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures CSLA, King Hall D1054 (323) 343-4230

Dr. Carlos M. Haro, Assistant Dean, International Studes & Oversees Programs, UCLA, 11349 Bunche Hall (310) 825-3902.


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