Zoom Guide

Downloading Zoom

Once you have signed up or logged into the Zoom webpage, the desktop app will auto-download. You can also download Zoom from the link below:

Download Zoom

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Sign in Using MyCalstateLA Account

You can log into Zoom using your MyCalstateLA account. Click the link below:

MyCSULA Zoom Login

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How to Join a Meeting

There are four ways you can access a Zoom meeting: the Zoom CalstateLA link, through your Moodle course, input the meeting ID in Zoom, or input the meeting ID on the Zoom website.

  1. The Zoom CalstateLA link:
    • Click the Zoom link.
    • Login using your MyCalstateLA account. You can access your Zoom student account automatically.
  2. Zoom Link on Moodle Course:
    • Click to log in to your Moodle course.
    • Go to the course.
    • Click on the Zoom link in your course. 
  3. Inputting Meeting ID on Zoom:
    • Open up the Zoom program, and here you can either Sign In or Join a Meeting.
    • If you click Sign In:
      • Enter your Zoom ID.
      • In the Zoom main menu, select Join (the plus icon button).
      • In the next pop up, enter in the Meeting ID or Meeting Room Name. Enter in your name.
      • Select Join after you are done adjusting settings.
    • If you click Join a meeting:
      • Enter in the Meeting ID or Meeting Room Name, and enter in your name.
      • Select Join after you are done adjusting settings.
  4. Inputting Meeting ID on Zoom Website:
    • Click the Zoom link to join.
    • Input the Meeting ID.

For additional help, click here for the Zoom help page on joining a meeting.

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How to Host a Meeting

Click the link below and click on Host a Meeting, either with Video On or Video Off. Login using your MyCalstateLA ID.

Host a Meeting

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How to Enable/Use Chat Function Within Meeting

Once you have joined a Meeting, you will see a black bar at the bottom of the Meeting window.

chat button

Click on the Chat button (with dialogue bubble icon). A group chat will appear on the right side.

You can then type in your message in the chat box and choose who to send your message to by clicking on the name. You can only send a chat to Everyone (people within the entire meeting) or one Specific person

Addressing Chat

Clicking on the More dropdown button gives you the option to Save the chat log.

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How to Change Name

You can change your name by inputting a name before signing into a meeting.

Launching Zoom via the Moodle link or via the Zoom downloaded program will give you the option when joining a meeting.

Screen name

In Screen Name, input your preferred name.

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How to Join/Adjust/Mute Audio

Once you have joined a meeting, you can change your audio settings using the Audio button on the left hand side of the black bar.

audio button

**Please note that you can only access your audio settings after you Join Audio.** If you have not joined audio, your bar will look like this:

join audio button

To Join Audio, click on the Join Audio button. In the pop up box, select Join Audio Conference by Computer. The button looks like this:

how do you want to join

Once you have clicked Join Audio Conference by Computer, the black bar will look like this:


To Mute Audio, click on the Mute (speaker icon) button. A red slash should appear across the icon:


Click on the Unmute button to unmute.

To Adjust Audio settings, click on the up arrow next to the Mute button. A list of options will appear:


You will be able to select which Microphone and Speakers you want to use. Selecting Audio Options brings you back to the Join/Leave Computer Audio screen.

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How to Share Screen

To start screen sharing, select Share Screen button located in the meeting tool bar.

share screen button

You can choose which screen to share.

share screen prompt

Select the screen you would like to share and click the Share Screen button at the bottom.

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