Time Management

How much time do you have available for a course?

Some students believe that an online course will take less time than a traditional classroom course. While you do save time commuting to campus and attending a class, you will still need to allow sufficient time for the course. The time you would have spent attending a traditional class is time you will now spend logging into Moodle, reviewing course materials, and completing assignments.

A rule of thuGirl with timemb is to expect to spend at least three to four hours each week studying for every unit.

So, if you are taking a three unit online course, expect to spend at least nine hours on the course materials each week. It usually is better if you can spread these hours throughout the week instead of planning a marathon study session on one day.Often, you will have assignments due throughout the week, do not plan to only log in on weekends to complete all reading and assignments.Just as an instructor in a traditional class has regular announcements before each class session, you will need to log into Moodle regularly to be aware of any updates, or announcements.

Students today are very busy with jobs, family, friends, and social activities. Try out the Time and Project management series: My daily schedule to determine how you spend a typical 24-hour day. Watch how time slips away from you: http://www.studygs.net/schedule/