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Instructors may decide to use REEF Polling or i>Clickers within a course. These are both services that allow students to anonymously respond to questions ask by the professor.  By doing so, many questions become more accessible since it is easier for everyone to answer at the same time without having to raise hand.

If your instructor chooses to use REEF/i>Clicker they may:

  • Require that you purchase an i>Clicker Remote.
  • Require that you make a REEF account.
  • Loan you a remote to use. You are entirely responsible for the remote and your instructor will penalize you for damages or loss.

Helpful Guides

If you need assistance with using an i>Clicker you can visit i>Clickers Help Guides below:

If you need assistance with using REEF Polling you can visit REEF Polling Help Guides below: