Moodle Text Editor


Atto Text Editor

Moodle provides a powerful text editor called Atto HTML editor. This tool allows you to format your properly as well as Bold, Italicize, and Underline. Before starting it is important to expand the editor by clicking on the button highlighted, this gives you access to all the options provided by the editor. atto first row of icons

Text Editing

atto text editing icons

These buttons provide various functions which can be used to emphasize points or properly format problems. With these tools you can select from pre-formated layouts or make your own with bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, subscript, and superscript.

atto text formatting icons

These buttons allow you ways to organize and enhance your text. You can create automatically formated lists as well as create and delete hyperlinks. You can also change the alignment for the paragraphs as well as add or remove tabs spacing for entire blocks of text. Lastly these tools can be used to properly format equations, though it is not as powerful as the one in Word or other programs. You can also insert symbols like these: © and . You can also create a table to better present data or information. Lastly, you can clear formatting from the highlighted text.

Inserting Media

atto multimedia icons

These three buttons allow the addition of multimedia such as images, videos, or manage files to add. If your instructor asked for file submissions in a Word or PDF format this would be the area to sumbit them. Here you can add images or video, to provide examples or add strength to your post. When clicked these buttons will ask you to browse for the file, you can also select files from websites like YouTube.