Moodle Mentor Student FAQ

1. Moodle Access

1.1 I cannot access or see my course.

If you can’t see your course please check the following things:

1) Check that you are using the latest version of Moodle. When you log into the myCSULA portal, click on the Moodle icon. You can also go directly to

2) Please verify you are enrolled in the correct course. Log into GET and check your course schedule to verify your enrollment in the course.

• If you are not enrolled in the course, look at when you enrolled. GET synchronizes with Moodle daily so please allow at least 24 hours for the course to appear in Moodle.

• If you are enrolled in the course, your professor may not have made the course visible to students. Please contact your professor to ensure they have made the course available (visible).

3) If you are an Open University student, or enrolled in the course via Extended Education, please contact the College of Professional and Global Education for assistance at 323.343.4900. You can also visit them at

4) If you were previously enrolled in the course and were recently dropped or disenrolled, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 323-343-3900 for assistance.

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1.2 I cannot view the correct Moodle icon in the MyCalStateLA portal to access my course.

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 323.343.6170 or email at for assistance.

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1.3 How can I access a course in the Moodle Archives?

By default students have access to the current quarter's courses. If you wish to view an item from a course taken in a previous term, please contact the professor who was teaching the course. They will need to make that course visible to you.

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1.4 How can I access a course in Moodle?

To access a course in Moodle, log into the MyCalStateLA portal, then click on the Moodle icon. If you wish to view a course from a previous quarter, you will need to contact your Professor to have them grant you access to the course.

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2. Enrollment

2.1 I am taking courses through Extended Education or Open University and I cannot see my Moodle course.

Please contact the College of Professional and Global Education at 323.343.4900 for assistance. You can also visit them at

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2.2 I cannot access a course that I have registered for through GET after I click on the course title.

1) Check that you are using the latest version of Moodle. When you log into your portal, you will click on the icon that says Moodle. You can also go directly to

2) If you are enrolled in the course, look at when you enrolled. GET syncs with Moodle automatically so please allow 48 hours for the course to appear in Moodle.

3) If you are enrolled in the course, your professor might not have made the course visible to students. please contact your Professor.

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2.3 How can a course that I dropped from GET be removed from my list of Moodle courses?

Once you drop a course, the Moodle course should automatically be removed from you course list within 72 hours. Please verify when you dropped the course in GET to be sure it has officially dropped from your official schedule in GET.

If more than 72 hours have passed, please contact the ITS Helpdesk for assistance at 323.343.6170 or

If you withdrew from a course, this course will remain in your course list through the remainder of the quarter.

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2.4 I was dis-enrolled from a course and was recently reinstated. How can I get access to the Moodle course after I cleared my financial hold?

Please contact Financial Services. They should have the Registrar re-enroll you into the course.

Once re-enrolled, please have your instructor contact CETL's Moodle Support at 323.343.6594 to assist in retrieving your user data.

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2.5 What should I do if I get the "You cannot enroll yourself in this course" message when trying to access my Moodle course?

Verify your enrollment in GET. If you recently enrolled in the course, please wait at least 24 hours for Moodle and GET to synchronize.

If more than 24 hours have passed since you enrolled in the course on GET, please contact your Professor for assistance. The course may not have been made visible by the Professor.

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2.6 Why do I continue to be un-enrolled from a course after my Professor has manually enrolled me?

Please have your Professor contact CETL at 323.343.6594 or regarding your situation.

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2.7 Why do I have a Moodle course listed that I never registered for through GET?

The Registrar or a Professor might have accidently added you to a course.

If this occurs, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at 323.343.6170 and they will work to have the course removed from your Moodle page.

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2.8 Why does a class, that I previously registered for and passed, continue to be listed on my Moodle course list?

The Professor has continued to make the course visible to students, so it will be visible for the duration that he makes it available.

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3. Moodle Resources

3.1 Why can’t I see the file my Professor uploaded?

1) Please check what browser you are using. Moodle has compatibility issues with Internet Explorer so we recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari when using Moodle.

2) You may not be able to see the File or Section where the file is located because your Professor has hidden it. Contact your Professor and let them know you cannot view the file.

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3.2 Why can't I view a file after I have clicked on it?

This might depend on your browser and computer type (Mac/PC). Some browsers will ask you if you want to Save or Open the file.

Other browsers may download the file to your "Downloads" folder without prompting you for a preference. Look for the file you are trying to access in the downloads folder of your computer.

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4. Moodle Activities

4.1 How do I upload a file to my assignment?

1) When in Moodle, select your course and click on the assignment title.

2) Click the Add a Submission button,

3) On the next page, you can drag and drop a file or you may click the Add icon on the top left side of the submission form.

* If you clicked the Add icon:

1) Click the Upload a file button, browse for your file and doubt-click on the document you wish to upload.

2) Finally, click on the Upload button.

4) Click the Save Changes button.

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4.2 Why can't I not access a class assignment?

1) Please check the browser you are using. Moodle is often incompatible with Internet Explorer, we recommend you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari when using Moodle.

2) Check the due date for the assignment. If the due date has passed, the assignment might be hidden and you will be unable to access it.

3) Check the submission date for the assignment. If the submission date is in the future, you will have to wait until that date to upload the assignment.

4) If you are accessing the assignment between the submission date and the due date, please contact your Professor. The assignment might be restricted in some other way.

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4.3 My file cannot be uploaded to an assignment?

1) Please check which browser you are using. Please contact your instructor. Your instructor may have placed a file size restriction for the file size.

2) Please check the due date for the assignment. If the due date has passed you will not be able to upload.

3) Please check the file size. Most assignments do not allow file uploads of more than 100MB.

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4.4 Why can’t my Professor view the file I submitted in my assignment?

Please make sure that you have clicked on the Submit button (if available) on the assignment submit screen.

Also, verify that you have uploaded the correct file type (MS Word/PDF files) that was required for the assignment.

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4.5 How can I take a quiz I missed?

Please contact your Professor. If they allow make up quizzes, they can change the settings for the Moodle quiz and allow you to take the quiz again.

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4.6 How can I retake a quiz that ended after computer froze?

Please contact your Professor to see if they will allow you to retake the quiz. If so, then your professor can do a quiz override which will allow you to have another attempt.

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4.7 How can I go back to click on the quiz submit button at the end of my quiz?

Please have your Professor contact CETL's Moodle Support for assistance with this matter.

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4.8 Why can I not see my assignment grade?

Contact your Professor. The grade may have been hidden in the gradebook or the turnitin assignment post date has not been met.

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5. Turnitin

5.1 How do I submit my Turnitin assignment?

1) Access your Moodle course and find the correct assignment.

2) Click on the assignment. You will see instructions, assignment due date, and feedback release date for grade and feedback review by clicking on the Summary tab.

3) Locate and click on the Assignment Dashboard to submit your paper using the up-arrow button.

• A small Submit File window will display.  The Upload a file is the default tab, which you will use to enter a Submission title and Select a file to upload button if uploading a file from your computer.

4) A processing window will appear after your file has been selected.  You can preview your submission at this time.

5) Click on the Accept submission - save button to confirm your submission

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5.2 I can access my Turnitin originality report, but I cannot see my score or feedback provided by my instructor?

To view Turnitin assignment grades and feedback via Moodle students need to follow these steps:

1) Navigate to your course.

2) Click on the assignment.

• Review the Feedback Release Date in the Summary tab (this is the grade and GradeMark release date)

4) Your grade will be displayed in the Assignment Dashboard tab (alongside the pencil).

5) Click on the Pencil icon to view any feedback your instructor may have left for you within Turnitin. The right-hand column will display any feedback your tutor has left - you can navigate through the different types of feedback using the 3 buttons below this column:

• The General comments button is selected by default and will display any comments the tutor has made about your submission overall.

• Clicking on the second QuickMarks button will show you any in-text comments the tutor has left. Comments within the document (in-text comments) will be also displayed when you place your mouse over the speech bubble icon alongside the highlighted text.

• The third Rubric button will show you how your assignment was graded against each criteria (if used).

6) To return to Moodle, close down the assignment window.

*If you have followed the above steps and still can’t see feedback, please check which browser you are using. Turnitin is sometimes incompatible with Internet Explorer.

*If you tried a different browser and are unable to see feedback, please contact your Professor. Your instructor may need to review the Feedback Release Date for the Turnitin assignment. Feedback and scores will be released after the Feedback Release Date has been reached.

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5.3 I cannot review my Turnitin submission?

Please check to see which browser you are using. Internet Explorer is often incompatible with Moodle and Turnitin. Check the Due Date for the assignment. If the Due Date has passed and the Professor does not allow late assignments, you will be unable to review or make any adjustments to the submission.

Note: If the Due Date is current and has not passed, please contact your Professor. The Turnitin assignment may have been hidden.

How to check the assignment Due Date:

1) Go to your Moodle course.

2) Click on the Turnitin assignment.

3) You will be able to check the due date for the assignment by clicking on the Summary tab

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5.4 How do I resubmit my Turnitin assignments?

If resubmissions are allowed, repeat the process for uploading an assignment. If you do not see this, the assignment is not set up to allow for resubmissions.

Please email your professor to see if he/she is allowing resubmissions.

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5.5 As a student, how do I benefit from using Turnitin?

Cal State LA, its students, faculty, and staff strive to create an academic environment focused on scholarly research, teaching and learning. Academic dishonesty in the form of plagiarism threatens to undermine this focus. Turnitin helps to ensure a higher degree of academic integrity at Cal State LA by flagging potential plagiarism in student submissions.

Writing is a process and takes concerted effort and time to master. As a student, you may still be perfecting your writing skills. Your instructor may ask you to submit a draft of your paper so that you may see areas that need attention, such as incorrectly cited sources or misuse of quoted material.

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5.6 How is my privacy protected when using Turnitin?

Cal State LA and any third party service the university contracts with must comply with regulations set forth in the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For more information on Turnitin FERPA compliance, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs page.

If you are still concerned about your privacy, you may submit your paper without any identifying information or ask that your instructor submit your paper to the system without any identifying information.

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5.7 How does submitting my paper to Turnitin affect my copyright?

As a student using Turnitin, you retain the copyright to papers you submit to Turnitin. As part of the Turnitin user agreement, a copy of your paper is archived in the Turnitin database. This helps to strengthen the Turnitin plagiarism prevention system, and ensures no one is able to steal and submit your paper in the future.

For more information on copyright issues related to Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs page.

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5.8 Where can I find more information on Turnitin?

For more information on Turnitin, please visit the Turnitin Legal FAQs.

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6. Moodle - FAQ's (Students)

6.1 How do I access Moodle on my smartphone?

In your smartphone browser, type to log into Moodle. Moodle should appear optimized for your smartphone so navigating your course may be slightly different than when accessing via desktop computer.

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6.2 Can I use the Moodle App?

Currently, CSULA’s Moodle site is not available using the Moodle app. Moodle can only be accessed via browser on computers, tablets, or devices.

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6.3 How can my name be updated in Moodle?

Please complete the online form and return to the ITS HelpDesk to update your name in Moodle.

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6.4 How do I enable Turnitin on Safari?

If you use Safari and you are not able to view Turnitin, please follow these instructions. You will need to access Preferences from the Safari menu.

  1. Click on Privacy.
  2. Click Always allow.

Instructions for enabling Turnitin

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