How to submit Turnitin assignments

Moodle Turnitin is an activity that will check your submit assignment file for plagirism. It will give your professor an originality report on your paper. Check the student Turnitin FAQs if you have additional questions regarding the Turnitin activity.  Users using Mac Safari may need to change Preference settings.

Follow these steps to submit a paper to the Turnitin activity:

  1. Log in to your Moodle course
  2. Locate and click the Turnitin activity title identified by a turnitin icon turnitin small icon
  3. Click on the Upload Submission button (you may have to agree to the terms of service for first time use).
    turnitin file submission button
  4. Give the submission a title (Do not include any special characters), and use the Choose File button to find and select your file on your computer.
    turnitin submit file window
  5. Once your file has been verified, a preview window will display.  Click on the Submit to Turnitin button to complete the process.
    turnitin submission preview window with submit button
  6. After you have submited your work you should be able to see it by clicking the Assignment Dashboard tab.
    Note: If the Professor allows students to see originality report you may be able to access it by clicking the similarity option. You can also view, and print a digital receipt of your submission.
    turnitin view my grade


Safari Cookies- Enable Turnitin

For students who cannot view the Turnitin submission screen and are using Safari, follow the instructions below.  You will need to access Preferences from the Safari menu.

  1. Click on Privacy.
  2. Click Always allow.

Safari privacy settings in Preferences

The students should now be able to view the Turnitin submission screen.

Other submission issues

Please switch to the latest version of Chrome browser if you encounter issues submitting your turnitin assignment using Firefox or any other browser.