Helpful Guides

What are Moodle Helpful Guides?

Help Street Signs stacked on each other Moodle Helpful Guides contains helpful step by step instructions on how to navigate, interact with assignment, activities or quizzes in Moodle. You can also contact the ITS Help Desk if you need additional assistance with Moodle or stop in to any Open Access Labs if you are on campus. For more information visit the Moodle Mentor site for details on how to get help: (


What is a Learning Management System or LMS?

A learning management system stores and manages course learning materials, assignments and activities online. At Cal State L.A., the primary learning management system (LMS) is Moodle. 

What is Moodle?

Moodle was originally developed by Martin Dougiamas, an educator and computer scientist. Moodle is an open source (free - no license fee), open standards learning management system. Moodle will be the platform used to house all your online course learning materials. It is important to log in regularly during the week to read assigned course materials, complete assignments/quizzes/exams and participate in class discussions. Your instructor will provide you a course schedule and syllabus that you would need to follow in order to succeed in the online course within Moodle.  

How to access Moodle?

  1. Log into the MyCalStateLA Portal at
  2. In the left Quicklaunch Menu, click the  Moodle 3.4 icon.