Be Successful

Take a look at some of the characteristics that will help you succeed in a fully online course.

Person Holding Success Icon

A successful online student...

  • is self-motivated  does not need a lot of direction or motivation from a teacher
  • is self-disciplined budgets time wisely and does not procrastinate often
  • enjoys the challenge of learning on her or his own and likes to read and learn
  • is comfortable using a computer searches the Web, downloads e-mail attachments, saves files
  • is ready for hardware or software problems has alternate plans such as using the  Open Access Labs at school
  • is comfortable using the course management system reviews  the Moodle Helpful Guides
  • takes charge of her/his own learning by asking questions and asking for help when necessary
  • Is good at managing their time by setting a schedule of days and times to study the course materials
  • communicates well in writing: writes in complete sentences carefully follows written course directions 
  • may need a flexible schedule but understands that flexibility does NOT mean the course will be easy
  • is prepared before the course starts by purchasing books, software, and any other materials before the course begins