Adobe Connect Guide

Temporary imageHow to join a meeting

  1. Check Moodle or your email for a link to the Adobe Connect page.
  2. Select the Enter as guest option and provide a name.
  3. Click Enter Room.

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How to adjust or mute audio volume

Adjusting Audio Volume:

  1. To adjust your audio settings, go to the Meeting Menu and select Audio Setup Wizard.
  2. Follow the steps to optimize your audio settings.

Muting Audio Volume:

  • Click on the Speaker icon to mute/unmute.
    • Note: If the icon is Green you are unmuted, if it is white you are muted.

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How to change your status

  • Within a meeting, you can also change your status to provide feedback to the presenter and other attendees.
  • To change your status, click the arrow on the Status Options dropdown list on the Application Bar and select your desired status option.
  • If you select an option above the line such as Agree or Step Away, you status remains until you choose Clear Status. ┬áIf you choose an option below the line such as Speed Up or Applause, your status automatically clears itself after a number of seconds.
  • When you set your status, an icon appears next to your name in the Attendees pod.

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How to use the chat box

  • To send a message to everyone, simply type your message in the chat pod and hit enter or click the send icon.

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Additional Information

  1. Join a meeting
  2. Adjust or mute audio volume
  3. Join audio conference
  4. Broadcast your voice using VoIP
  5. Share webcam video
  6. Share your screen
  7. Chat in meetings
  8. Attending virtual classroom training
  9. Play back a recorded meeting

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