2016-2018 CSULA LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate

2016-2018 CSULA LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate


Are you talented and plan to pursue the PhD, but earning an MS along the way makes sense and you need support?  The CSU - Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation – Bridge to Doctorate (LSAMP-BD) Program at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) is just the program you have been looking for! 

Please see application materials below for our next cohort that will start Fall 2016!


Application Components




Please download the application instructions and forms below. Make sure to begin familiarizing yourself with the application procedures by clicking the link below and pay attention to all the deadlines listed in the application and instructions.

Cal State LA Bridge to the Doctorate Program Flyer

LSAMP-BD XIII Application Instructions

Please read over the LSAMP-BD XIII Applications carefully. You can download the application instructions by clicking on the link below.

.LSAMP-BD XIII Application Instructions

Cal State LA LSAMP-BD XIII Application

Download a copy of the LSAMP-BD application (both PDF and Word versions are available). The cover page to the application will contain all of the links to the various STEM graduate school majors at Cal State LA and specific graduate school application deadlines. The LSAMP-BD XIII Application deadline is May 13, 2016.

Cal State LA LSAMP-BD XIII Application (PDF)

Cal State LA LSAMP-BD XIII Application (Word)

Faculty Recommendation Form

Three letters of recommendation must accompany your LSAMP-BD application. Make sure you provide to the faculty members, who you are requesting letters of recommendation, the LSAMP-BD Recommendation form (available in both PDF and Word format). Letters submitted without the form or letters NOT signed by the person writing the letter are NOT acceptable! Type your name on the top line and email the form to the faculty who you have requested letters of recommendation from. The three letters of recommendation with recommendation form deadline is May 13, 2016.

Faculty Recommendation Form (PDF)

Faculty Recommendation Form (Word)

Coordinator Confirmation Form

Be certain to give the LSAMP Coordinator Confirmation form (available in PDF or Word format) to the LSAMP coordinator on your campus. You should type your name on the form on line labelled (name of student applicant for LSAMP-BD) and then email the form to your campus coordinator for the undergraduate LSAMP program. The Coordinator Confirmation form deadline is May 13, 2016.

Coordinator Confirmation Form (PDF)

Coordinator Confirmation Form (Word)