The Vice President for ITS Announces New Gigabit Wi-Fi

The following announcement was issued to students, faculty and staff on September 17, 2014.

Important Announcement:  The new, faster campus Wi-Fi network will require all students, faculty and staff to reconnect their mobile devices to the wireless network effective 6 a.m., Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Information Technology Services is launching the new campus Gigabit Wi-Fi network, 802.11ac, the very latest standard in wireless technology.  Users will experience some important benefits including:

  • Owners of new mobile devices enabled for gigabit speeds, including the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note Pro, will be able to take immediate advantage of the gigabit network speeds.
  • Users with older 802.11n enabled devices will experience data transfer speeds up to three times faster than previously available.  However, keep in mind that transfer speeds are not static and will fluctuate by the quantity of devices attempting to simultaneously connect and network traffic.
  • In addition to replacing 550 existing access points, 109 new access points have been installed. An additional 100 access points will be completed by the end of the fall quarter to further improve both network coverage and capacity.
  • Connection options for users have been simplified with easy to follow steps.  After connecting to the Wi-Fi for the first time, faculty and staff will have a certificate issued to their device that will automatically connect them to the secure wireless network each time they enter the campus.  This certificate will eliminate the need to update their device’s network password every 90 days. (Note: Users who access campus email on their mobile device will still need to update their email password.)

In order to take advantage of those benefits, all students, faculty and staff using the new Wi-Fi network must reconnect their mobile devices starting 6 a.m., Thursday, September 18.

Connecting your mobile device is simple.

When you open your device to select a Wi-Fi network, you will see CSULA- SECURE (for students, faculty and staff) and CSULA-OPEN (for first-time student/faculty/staff authentication and all guests).  CSLA-ENCRYPTED and CSLA-UNENCRYPTED are no longer available, except in Housing Services.

  1. First-time log-in. *  Students, faculty and staff will log in the first time by clicking on CSULA-OPEN.  Open your browser, if it doesn't open automatically, and follow the instructions.  For students, this will provide an authentication certificate validating our servers and provide a QuickConnect setting on their device for future authentication.  For faculty and staff, this process will register their device and provide a unique certificate on the user’s device.  To ensure your certificate is activated, turn your device off, then on.  Each separate device must go through this process.
  2. Subsequent log-ins.
    • Faculty and staff will automatically be connected to CSULA-SECURE.
    • Students will select CSULA-SECURE and sign-in with their myCSULA Identity user name and password.
  3. If you experience any difficulty, contact the ITS Help Desk at 3-6170 or visit the wireless website for further instructions:

This gigabit Wi-Fi network upgrade represents a significant advancement in wireless technology and we are proud to be offering this service to the campus.

*Paragraph was edited 9-18-14 to clarify browser instructions.