Web Accessibility

Cal State L.A. is committed to making information technology resources and services accessible to all individuals regardless of disability. All web authors, including faculty and student assistants, who create or maintain a university website should attend the following web accessibility workshops. We encourage other university members who are interested in learning about web accessibility and the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) to attend these informative workshops.

For step-by-step handouts, visit the Handouts page.

Web Accessibility Part 1: Awareness and Testing

This workshop provides a general awareness of the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI), information regarding legal requirements, and additional online and on-campus web accessibility resources. It also includes an activity that allows users to experience navigating a website from the perspective of someone with a disability.

Duration: 90 minutes

There are no workshops scheduled at this time.

Web Accessibility Part 2: Manual Checks

This workshop is designed to assist web authors with creating accessible websites. Topics covered in this workshop include manually performing accessibility checks that cannot be tested with software, accessible hyperlinks, the proper use of styles and headings, color contrast and visibility issues, page navigation, and HTML and CSS validation.

Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisites: (1) Basic knowledge of HTML and website development. (2) Web Accessibility Part 1: Awareness and Testing workshop attendance or completion of its Moodle course.

Date and Time Location Webcast Evaluation
Friday, August 21, 2015 - 10:00am to 11:30am
KH C171
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