Mapping a Web Directory with Mac OS X

Mapping a web directory on the University Web server ( will allow you to view, organize, and manipulate the contents of your Web directory as you would any file or folder on your own computer.

Note: You can map a drive only if you have a UNIX Account that has been granted access to the web server. UNIX accounts can be requested at the ITS Help Desk.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. From the Apple menu bar, click Go and select Connect to Server to open the Connect to Server window.

    Select Connect to Server under Go menu

  2. In the Address: box, type the network path of the server share you would like to connect to. Always start the share path with the prefix smb://.
    (i.e., smb://www/www/faculty/)

    If you were migrated to the AD domain, you can use an alternate path to use your AD account when prompted to login, just replace the first "www" in the network path with "solar".
    (i.e., smb://solar/www/faculty/).

    Connect to Server window with share path inserted into Address box

  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. When prompted to login, type in your UNIX, or AD if using the alternate path, username and password. If asked for a Domain, type NIS or AD accordingly.

Note: If you have problems connecting to the web server, contact the Web Administrator and include your name, campus e-mail address, and the url of the web directory you would like to connect to.