Mapping an Instructional1 Webfolder with Mac OS X

Please note, if you are off campus, you must first connect to the campus network through VPN. Also available are instructions for Windows XP and Windows Vista/7.
  1. Click Go from the Apple menu bar and select Connect to Server to open the Connect to Server window.

    Select Connect to Server from Go menu

  2. In the Address: box, type in the URL for your web directory on the Instructional1 Web Server. However, instead of using the prefix http://, you must use the prefix afp://
    (Example: afp://

    MAC OS X Mountain Lion Users: Due to changes in MAC OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8), to connect to your web directory on Instructional1, use the prefix smb://
    (Example: smb://

    Type your site URL using the afp:// or smb:// prefix

  3. Click on the Connect button.
  4. Type in your AD Username and Password when prompted to login. If the login prompt has a domain field, type AD. If there is no domain field, enter your username with the prefix ad\ (e.g., ad\jsmith).

Note: If you are unable to log in successfully, contact the Web Administrator and include your AD username and the url of the web directory you would like to connect to.