Intra-Campus Calling

Telephones for intra-campus dialing are located in the following areas:

Administration Building

Patio, next to Office of Admissions 323-343-3400

Biological Sciences Building

First floor, near room 176 323-343-3409

Building 46

Outside University Police office entrance 323-343-3428

Engineering and Technology Building

Patio area 323-343-3404

First floor 323-343-6104

Second floor 323-343-6105

Third floor 323-343-6106

Fourth floor 323-343-6107

Fifth floor 323-343-6108

Sixth floor 323-343-6109

Fine Arts Building

First floor, next to vending machines 323-343-3411

Health Center

Next to appointment desk 323-343-3322

King Hall A

Lobby 323-343-3402

King Hall B

Basement 323-343-3401

King Hall D

Basement 323-343-3403


Library North entrance 323-343-3407

Physical Education

Next to the double doors to the Gym 323-343-3427

University-Student Union

Basement 323-343-2520

First floor 323-343-2518

Second floor 323-343-2517

Third Floor 323-343-2516