CSU-Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Faculty & Staff Work at Home (WAH) Software

The Microsoft Campus Agreement also contains Work at Home (WAH) Rights. The WAH program allows CSULA faculty and staff to install the covered software on their computers where the faculty or staff member is the primary user. The WAH CDs are different from the CDs used to install the software on CSU-owned computers; the WAH CDs may not be duplicated and require their own key code for installation.

The target computer must be online (on the network) while installing. The key code for installation must thereby be registered with Microsoft or the product will not function properly. This process is called Microsoft Product Activation and is being included to discourage piracy by limiting the number of times an application can be installed on different computers.

Note: Non-exempt employees receive prior approval before performing any work at home due to overtime compensation guidelines.

There is no direct technical support under the agreement with Microsoft.  Online Help and Support is available from Microsoft at http://support.microsoft.com/. Additional resources can be located at Getting Help.

Eligibility Requirements

Faculty and staff are eligible to purchase any of the WAH titles if they:

  1. are state employees and on the state payroll
  2. use a computer at work as part of their duties
  3. have a copy of the requested application on their office computer

Faculty and staff who are ineligible are those who:

  1. do not use a computer at work
  2. are not on the state payroll
  3. are alumni, visitors, fully retired faculty and staff, or student/graduate assistants/teaching associates

Procedures to Purchase Work at Home Software

Eligible faculty and staff may purchase software in person at the Cashier’s windows in Administration Building 128. Each purchaser is required to:

  • Present their Cal State L.A. One Card
  • Review the CSU Microsoft Software Take-Home Handout to assure their computer meets the minimal hardware requirements for the requested application (purchases are final, nonrefundable)
  • Agree to the terms in the licensing agreement before the software will be released
  • Pay current price per title