How-To Add a Department Email Mailbox to Your Outlook Profile

ITS provides a form for Department E-mail Account requests.  On that form selected management and staff can be given access to a new department email mailbox or previously created one to answer queries and other department business.  If you have been selected, the below procedure is how to add that inbox to your Outlook profile.


Add and Connection procedure:

  1. From the File pull-down select Account Settings, which will give you another pull-down.


file pull down options


  1. Click Account Settings…

Account settings icon


  1. On the E-mail tab, click Chankge…

E-mail Accounts tab

  1. On Change Account click More Settings…

Server Settings tab

  1. On the subsequent pop-up select the Advanced tab (your e-mail account shows in the General tab) then click OK.



Microsoft Exchange tab


  1. In the subsequent pop-up click Add…


Advanced tab



  1. In Add Mailbox type in the applicable department address then click OK.

Add mailbox tab

  1. Follow with all subsequent Next and Continue buttons.   You’re likely to get an unresponsive error.   Don’t worry; that takes less than a minute to resolve being that our server is physically not in the California.


  1. At the end, click  Finish.