How-To Install Jaws

Jaws is a screen reading tool for the blind or visually impared.  Installation can done only as administrator on a desktop machine.
  1. However you get to system properties (e.g. right click on "My computer" and select properties), you'll need to add a license server value if it's not there.
  2. Select Advanced and then Environment Variables.
  3. Then click New in System variables and fill in the properties as follows.

    Properties windows

  4. Load the program CD. The Setup page for Jaws should pop up.

    Jaws setup page

  5. Click next to setup package.


  6. Unfortunately, loading this package is intrusive. You'll need to restart your system. Click O.K.

    OK to restart system

  7. After you login again, etc. The Installer should pop up.

    Windows installer

  8. Setup wizard pops up. Click Next.

    Setup Wizard

  9. Check "I accept" the licensing agreement and click Next.

    licensing pop up

  10. Normally the installation you want is "typical". Click Typical then click Next.

    type of installation pop up

  11. Click Install.

    Installation go ahead pop up

  12. The following takes a long time.

    Installing pop up

  13. Click Finish to end the installation.

    Finish page

  14. You're actually not done. If the software hasn't started on its own start it and tailor the behavior to your preferences. Add training if you wish.

    training pop up

  15. More settings.

    more settings pop up

  16. More settings.

    More settings

  17. More settings.

    More settings

  18. More settings.

    More settings

  19. More settings.

    More settings

  20. Right click on the desktop shorcut, and using the appropriate keys, change the shortcut key to "Ctrl+Alt+J. Then click O.K.

    page to change shortcut