How-To Connect SkyDrive using Office 2010

SkyDrive Pro is available as part of the Office 2013. However, if you are an Office 2010 user, you need to download and install the 32-bit version for your PC.

System Requirements:

  • An administrator ID and password to install software on your PC (pop-ups not shown below).
  • Core 2 Duo processor or better
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 3 GB of hard disk space
  • Modern Browser: IE 8, Firefox 10.x, Chrome 17.x or greater
  • .NET version 3.5 or greater

Connection procedure:

  1. Go to and click Download>


Select language SkyDrive

  1. Using Office 2010 many of your applications are 32-bit. Select SkyDrivePro_x86_en-us.exe and click Next.

SkyDrivePro window

  1. Click Save file. Usually this means you'll need to retrieve it later from your Downloads folder.


SkyDrivePro exe window

  1. Go to your download folder and click on SkyDrivePro_x86_en-us.exe.
  2. Select I accept the terms of this agreement and click Continue.


Terms of agreement window

  1. Click Install Now.


Install window

  • The below pop-up follows.

Installation progress window

  1. SkyDrive Pro is an Office 2013 product. The icon to launch it is under Start → All Programs → Microsoft Office 2013 → SkyDrive Pro 2013. Click on that icon to launch it.
  2. On the resulting pop-up for Which library do you want to sync?type then click Sync Now.
  • Example: if you were Josephine User (juser),it would be:

SkyDrive Pro sync window

  1. The below pop-up follows.

Syncing pop-up

  1. A system tray icon (lower right-hand area) showing a blue cloud gets installed. Use that to upload and download files.

System tray icon