How-To Connect SkyDrive using Office 2011

Microsoft does not currently provide SkyDrive Pro client for OS X. Alternatively you can use SkyDrive Pro from OS X using Microsoft Document Connection.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Document Connection in Office 2011

Connection procedure:

  1. In Office 2011 Launch Microsoft Document Connection.

MS DocConn Icon

  1. Click Add Location → Connect to a SharePoint Site....

SharePoint popup

  1. In the Address Field, type then click Connect.
  • Example for USERID juser (Josephine User):

Your Sharepoint URL popup

  1. On the subsequent pop-up, type over with
  • Example for USERID juser (Josephine User):
  • Note: As you start typing your password, you will be redirected to the myCSULA Portal.

Office 365 signon popup

  1. At the myCSULA Portal type your userid and password then click LOGIN.

myCSULA Portal Page

  • SkyDrive Pro is now accessible through this SharePoint connection.


Document Connection file page