How to check the anti-virus version number

Note: If you are a Mac user, the McAfee Anti-Virus expires March 2013.  Have your ITC install Sophos.

PC Computers

  1. Check to see if the Computer Status icon is in the computer tray.

  2. Click the Computer Status icon. The Forefront Endpoint Protection window will appear with its version number.

  3. Click the Red X to close the window..


Macintosh Computers

  1. Locate the Sophos icon on the upper tray

  2. If you mouse over the Sophos icon ("S"), a pop-up will tell your whether your software is up to date.

  1. To get the version, right-click (or control+click) and select About Sophos Anti-Virus.

  1. If the software is not up to date, right-click (or control+click) and select Update Now to run the update.
  2. Use the same menu for other options available on Sophos.