The Role of Technology at Cal State L.A.

Information Technology Services is responsible for designing, maintaining, upgrading and securing the University’s technology infrastructure, including anticipation and preparation for emerging technologies, and providing services and support to our constituents.

Students of today are on-the go and tech savvy.  They want unrestricted access to services and information 24/7, from any location, and on the multiple devices of their choosing.  To meet these objectives, ITS is focused on large-scale, long-term projects that will lead the University into the future. The Wireless First Initiative will not only ensure wireless coverage in all high density usage areas but will deploy Aruba beason technology to target messages and information to students and classrooms based on their current location. 

Students no longer must be attached to a computer workstation to be efficient and effective.  The GETmobile app allows students to view class schedules; search, enroll, add and drop classes; check financial aid information; view the exam schedule; and much more from their mobile device.  Cloud-based software applications and document storage allows students to create, modify, store and access their classwork from any computing device and any location with an internet connection.  And the fully staffed 24/7 Open Access Lab provides computing resources, group and individual study environments, and Smart Rooms to practice classroom presentations any day and time that is convenience for them.

The ITS division is organized to be in the best position to prioritize and incorporate new projects in a collaborative team setting.  A renewed focus on building and sharing staff knowledge, experience and training in new technologies will enable the division to capitalize on employee strengths through better task delegation, job redundancy and restored utilization of senior and graduate students in the workplace.  Together these strategies will ensure a robust infrastructure that meets the future needs of our students, faculty and staff.