Identity Finder Configure and Run for Windows

Information security is everybody's responsibility!

Step 2a - Configure and Run Identity Finder Windows XP or Vista

These instructions are provided as a convenience. Identity Finder is user-friendly and will prompt you through the entire process.

  1. Before you begin:
    1. Connect or insert any external storage media (i.e., external hard drives, USB drives, CDs or DVDs) or file server shares that you want to search in addition to your computer's hard drive.
    2. Disconnect from any file server shares that you do NOT want Identity Finder to search.
    3. Open Microsoft Outlook. Your e-mail messages and archived .pst files will only be scanned if Outlook is open.
    4. Determine if you want a general search (SSNs, credit card numbers and passwords) or a more detailed search (date of birth, mother's maiden name, etc.). The general search is recommended.
  2. To launch Identity Finder Enterprise Edition, double click the Identity Finder desktop icon. Click Skip on the registration window. Uncheck the box for participating in the Customer Experience Program and click OK.
  3. The New Identity Finder Profile window will appear. Enter and confirm a password that will be used in the future to open this application and view saved files. Click Next.
  4. The Profile Password Set window will appear, confirming the password has been set. Click OK.

    Note: If you use your current MyCalStateLA ID password, the Identity Finder password will not change when you subsequently change your MyCalStateLA ID password.

  5. The Identity Finder Search Wizard window will appear. Select Start Search Nowto run a general search. The search will begin in the background so you can continue normal work on your computer. Note:The Open Advanced Interface option in the Identity Finder Search Wizard window allows you to configure Identity Finder to run a more detailed search.
  6. The Identity Finder Status window will remain viewable and is accessed by clicking the Identity Finder icon on the Start taskbar. This status window shows the search progress and the number of potentially personal identities located.
  7. When Identity Finder completes its search, the Identity Finder Search Summary window will apear offering four options – Wizard, Advanced, Save As and Reminder. The recommended action is to savethe results by selecting Save As before proceeding. In case you cannot finish securing all identified files, you can return later to complete the work. Then select Wizard to guide you through the evaluation and action process.
  8. Proceed to Step 3 – Manage Your Results.