Adobe Creative Cloud, Student Option

Project Description

The student success fee allowed ITS to expand our existing contract with Adobe to not only update current Adobe applications in Open Access Labs, but virtualize those applications and make them available through myCSULA Tools, one of the 2012-13 SSF funded projects.  This software suite is the industry standard for digital web design and graphic arts.  In addition, enrolled students who wish to obtain an individual license for home-use of the Creative Suite Master Collection could do so for $40 per year versus $360 to purchase the software.

Student Benefits

Students benefit in two divergent ways.  Students familiar with studying from multiple locations – home, dorm, work, with friends, or at cafes – have the ability to access the Adobe software tools with various devices from any remote location with an Internet connection using myCSULA Tools.  Or students who wish to add the software to their personal computer for at-home use can do so by obtaining the $40 license.  Either choice offers students a powerful software suite at minimal or no cost.

In addition to tangible benefits, the Adobe suite can inspire students to approach learning and class projects in new, previously untried ways.  Increasing availability to students enhances their experience and knowledge in preparation for future employment opportunities.

Project Timeline

The software was available for students in fall 2013 quarter and the home-use product remains available for student purchase.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. The myCSULA Tools version can be launched at using your myCSULA Identity account.  Setup instructions for myCSULA Tools are available at
  2. The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is available through the myCSULA Portal.
    • Log on to the myCalStateLA Portal (
    • Click on the Adobe software icon located in the upper left corner.
    • You will be redirected to WebStore, hosted by Kivuto Solutions Inc.
    • Select the Adobe CC software you want to subscribe and follow the instructions on the screen.  You will be required to agree and accept the Adobe License Agreement to proceed with the purchase and download the software.

Training and Resources

Training is available through two venues, designed to meet our students' variable learning styles and availability.

  1. Supported through another 2012-13 student success fee project, Just-in-Time Learning, provides online training videos 24x7 at  These videos cover many Adobe applications, various learning levels, and can be paused and replayed as needed.
  2. Adobe TV -