Anytime, Anywhere Access

Project Description

This project represented a major step forward in providing anytime, anywhere access to students. ITS installed a secure Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) with the ability to handle 500 concurrent, secure network connections to the campus. Access to campus resources that were previously available to students only while on campus are now opened for students from anywhere with an Internet connection. Students can now access site licensed software and Library resources via cloud computing. Students are able to leverage the software library, and access specialized department software and databases they need for assignments, without requiring a visit to the campus or the purchase of the software.

Project Status

Installation of the Juniper SSL VPN, which provided the 500 concurrent, secure network connections to the campus, was completed on September 24, 2012.

Student Benefits

This project greatly expanded access to vital infrastructure and application technologies. Students can access research resources, including the Library databases, as well as servers run by faculty for research and development. In addition, student can access servers and resources related to specific disciplines, such as computer science and engineering. Since a physical presence on campus is not required, this is especially beneficial for students with disabilities, service personnel on active duty or in the reserves, Early Start students, students studying abroad and the Summer Bridge program.

How Do I Get Started?

Information on how to connect can be found on the VPN page.

Training and Resources

Instructions for connecting to the campus network are available via the VPN page.