Adobe Creative Suite

Project Description

The Adobe Creative Suite project expanded access to applications technologies for all students. The latest version of Adobe Creative Suite 6 was deployed to campus desktops to provide student access to this important and costly software application. The Adobe software suite is the industry standard for digital web design and graphic arts. It now resides in the Open Access Labs (OALs), Electronic Classrooms (ECs) and Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs) campus wide.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 showcases the following features in its most common applications:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Delivers all the imaging magic in Photoshop CS6 plus 3D graphic design and image analysis tools. Intuitively create stunning 3D artwork and vibrant videos with some of the world's best imaging software. Edit images with exceptional precision. And design anything imaginable - at amazing speed.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 - The industry's premier vector-drawing environment for designing across media. Users can express their vision with shapes, color, effects and typography-driven by the new Mercury Performance System that makes fast work of most complex creations.
  • Adobe InDesign CS6 - A versatile desktop publishing application that gives users pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Create elegant and engaging pages for print, screens and tablets. Easily adapt layouts to look great on a variety of devices.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 - Enables users to create cutting-edge web designs and mobile apps while generating clean HTML5 and CSS3 code. Use the fluid grid layout system to build projects for tablets, smartphones and desktops. Add rich typography and CSS3 transitions to deliver more engaging experiences. Check designs with Live View and Multiscreen Preview.
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - A powerful authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content. Design immersive interactive experiences that present consistently across desktops and multiple devices - including tablets, smartphones and televisions.
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro - Leading software for creating, reading and managing PDF documents. This application provides many improved and automated features designed to increase productivity. Users will experience improved accessibility, resources management, document organization, automation, scanning, collaboration, oversight and perusal, portability and security.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 - A powerful professional nonlinear video editing software with customizable interface. It has smoother, more universal workflow, expanded multi-camera editing, RED epic & Scarlet-X support, enhanced 64-Bit Mercury playback engine, improved 3-way color corrector, rolling shutter repair and warp stabilizer for reducing shake.
  • Adobe After Effects CS6 - A professional motion graphics software with tight integration with other Adobe Apps. It adds performance enhancement such as Global Performance Cache to increase responsiveness, a 3D camera tracker to track elements in a 3D space with complete control over depth of field, and easy creation of extruded text and shapes.
  • Adobe Audition CS6 - Offers high-performance, intuitive tools for audio editing, mixing, restoration and effects. It offers powerful new features such as real-time stretching, automatic speech alignment and control surface support.

Project Status

The project was implemented during the summer 2012 quarter and was available to all students on the first day of classes, fall 2012.

Student Benefits

Digital media creation is expanding into the learning environment, and more faculty are incorporating media into classroom assignments and presentations. With broader availability of the application, more students have access to the tool, which enables more timely completion of class assignments that require digital media creation. The creative aspects of the Adobe suite can inspire students to approach learning and class projects in new, previously untried ways. An individual Adobe Creative Suite license costs $600, so students now have access to the tool without incurring additional personal expenses.  In concert with another 2012 SSF project, Just-in-Time Learning, students have 24x7 access to learning videos that can quickly and effectively teach beginner to advanced students to utilize the Adobe tools .

How Do I Get Started?

The applications included in Adobe Creative Suite can be launched from systems in any Open Access Lab (OAL), Electronic Classroom (EC), Technology Enhanced Classroom (TEC) or the Library.

Training and Resources

Information regarding available training is available at: