24-hour Help Desk

Project Description

As 24x7 remote access to campus resources for students has expanded, there is a growing need to provide user support that is capable of immediately resolving technical issues and responding to user questions or concerns.  This becomes even more important as ITS inaugurates the first 24-hour Open Access Lab in Simpson Tower Annex, where continual operability of hardware and software is crucial.

To meet this objective, ITS is re-envisioning how ITS Help Desk support is provided on campus.  More information will be distributed prior to the start of fall quarter.

Project Timeline

During summer 2014 quarter, a team is developing a new business process aimed at distributing help desk access on campus.  An initial help desk will be incorporated into the 24-hour Open Access Lab in time for fall 2014 quarter.

User Benefits

While intended to ensure students using the 24-hour OAL will have reliable technical support during non-traditional business hours, this service diversification will benefit all students, faculty and staff.  Technical problems that do not require vendor assistance can be resolved quicker without the need to wait until the next business day for resolution.  Remote users experiencing access issues, needing assistance to reset a device or use a new service, or who simply have a technology question will be able to seek advice and support at any time.