In collaboration with ITS, we have developed a series of Tableau dashboards to support and grow the data-informed decision-making culture across the Cal State LA campus.  The first set of dashboards listed below require a network login because they provide the ability to break data down to the department level or beyond.  Access to these dashboards will be provided to faculty and staff whose roles on campus would be facilitated by access to the data. The second set is available to the general public.  

Dashboards with campus login required (click here to go to log in page):

If you are trying to login from your laptop or off-campus desktop, you need to establish secure connection with the VPN client. Please follow ITS instructions for downloading and installation.

  • Grades: Four dashboards that break down three years of grade data in different formats.  
  • Faculty Hiring Workbook: Six dashboards designed to inform faculty hiring decisions. Data include enrollment, admission, faculty count, FTES, FTEF, SFR, and graduation rates.

Public Dashboards:

  • Graduation Initiative 2025: Six dashboards that show historical freshman and transfer graduation rates. Data can be broken down by the college associated with a student’s major at entry but not by department.
  • Admission: Six dashboards that display different visualizations of six years of fall term admission statistics.
  • Enrollment: Five dashboards that provide enrollment data for the past eight years. Users can explore enrollment data by college, major, year, gender, ethnicity, and other important factors.
  • Retention and Graduation: Designed to supplement the Graduation 2025 dashboard, these two additional dashboards show retention in fine-grained year-to-year detail, including available breakdowns at the department, academic plan and sub-plan levels.
  • Daily Enrollment: Five dashboards that show enrollment data, updated on a weekly basis, during the enrollment cycle for a given term. Included is information about headcount, FTES, and the number of students who have enrolled in different academic plans and sub-plans.
  • Degree: Three dashboards that show cumulative units at graduation and time-to-degree including two with breakdowns by academic plan.
  • CSU Peer Comparisons: Four dashboards that show retention, persistence and graduation rates for freshmen and transfers across the 23 campus CSU system.

Additional dashboards are currently being developed and others are planned for the future.  Check back for updates.

For questions and suggestions please contact us at (323) 343 - 2730 or IR-Dept@calstatela.edu.