Winter Break


Only residents continuing into the spring 2018 semester will be allowed to remain in their current housing assignments at no additional cost during the winter break. Whether or not you stay during winter break (December 9–January 19), the following behaviors and tasks are necessary to assist in maintaining the overall safety and cleanliness of our community and your personal space. Note: Apartments with vacancies at the end of the fall semester must be prepared to welcome new students into the apartment for the spring semester.

Whether leaving or staying, all students must:

  • Keep front door and patio doors locked at all times.
  • Lock all windows before departing; whether it’s for a moment or a longer period of time.
  • Turn off the AC or heater and unplug electronics, even if departing for short periods of time.
  • Designate a day to clean all common areas and empty trash receptacles.
  • Schedule time with your apartment mates to clean the following areas to avoid spoiled food or pests:
    • Kitchens: This includes sweeping and mopping of floors, empty dishwashers, clean microwaves and ovens of old food and grease. Empty refrigerators of old food and wipe down cabinets and clean out the refrigerators, dishwashers, and sink. Discard all trash!
    • Bathrooms: Sweep and mop floors, clean the sink and shower to avoid mildew and report any leaks.
    • Living Room and Storage Space: Vacuum or sweep thoroughly, including cleaning underneath furniture cushions.
    • Phase II Storage Room: Remove any recyclable items, and food that can spoil, especially items in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to sweep and mop storage room to clear out any crumbs.


It is all residents’ responsibility to leave the apartment in clean and good condition. Please make time to clean it well. All residents will be billed for cleaning if the apartment is not ready and clean enough for new students moving in.


During the break, we will have staff and cleaning crews enter the apartments to perform the monthly fire alarm testing, assess for damages, make repairs and to clean the apartment and bedrooms for new students moving in. Housing employees will be entering apartments to make sure rooms are clean. We'll announce ourselves before entering and will be wearing employee shirts.


Community Center (Phase I) - The Community Center which houses the residence hall game room and computer lab will be closed from December 9January 21.

Dining Commons (Phase II) - The Dining Commons will be closed after brunch service on December 9, scheduled to re-open on the first day of classes with breakfast on January 22.

Student Mail Room (Phase II) - The Mail Room will operate on a reduced schedule due to winter break. The Mail Room will be closed during the official university closure dates from December 23January 1. Please make sure to pay extra attention on the dates your packages or letters are anticipated to arrive as USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon and other delivery services will be suspended and no staff will be available or eligible for receiving mail and packages.

During winter break recess the Mail Room will operate on a reduced schedule during university business hours. Winter Break Hours of Operations: MondayFriday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Closed on Saturdays)


During the evening and weekend hours the Resident Assistant On Duty will be available in case of an emergency and may be reached at (323) 343-4807. The University will be officially closed December 23January 1, during this period residence life staff on duty will be available 24 hours to assist with emergencies.

Be safe and aware no matter where you are. We encourage you to put emergency phone numbers in your cell phone, including the RA On Duty and Campus Police (323) 343-3700.