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Here are the latest announcements from Tuesday, May 16, 2017:


Nuts and Bolts

Residence Hall Closing Procedures: Move Out Is May 20!
Click on the link above to learn all about it and remember that you must move out by Saturday, May 20, at 2 PM. If you're living on campus during summer, see the special instructoins on the link above.

Mail Delivery: Change Your Address on GET and with Our Office
If you don’t change your address, we’ll return your mail to sender. If you want us to forward your first-class mail for four weeks,make sure to do the following:
  • Change your mailing address on GET.
  • Update your mailing address with family, friends and vendors who send you paychecks, bills, magazine, packages, etc. It can take several weeks before vendors update their records, so contact them now.
  • Fill out a Mail Forwarding Request Form.
  • Do not submit an Address Change Form with the Post Office.
Recycle Clothing: Until 5/20
Recycle clothes, shoes, beddings, backpacks, etc., regardless of their condition in the white and green USAgain bins located in Phase I, II and GEA. Don't throw them in the trash.
E-Waste Bins: Until 5/20
Place any electronics that you don't want in the e-waste bins. Do not put electronics in the trash or leave them behind in your apartment as you may be charged a removal fee. (Phase I and II)

Donate to the Cal State LA Food Pantry: Until 5/20
Instead of throwing out canned and non-perishable food, put them in the boxes in front of the Housing Office and Community Center. We’ll donate them to the Cal State LA Food Pantry.

Think Tank Hours Extended May 15 – 18 until Midnight
Need a quiet place to study? Think Tank will be open from 5 PM to midnight until Thursday this week.

Last Meal In the Dining Commons: Dinner Fri., May 19
The Dining Commons will close for the summer this Friday, May 19, at 8 PM.

Parking Lot 7A Closure of First Row: May 19 – 20
The first row in Phase I and II parking lot 7A will be blocked May 19 – 20. On May 20, the first row will be reserved for students moving out.


Money Matters

Summer 2017 Housing Payment
Late fees were posted for students who did not submit their full summer payment, which was due May 8. Failure to pay may result in the loss of your space and the cancellation of your License Agreement. Please submit your payment on CashNET or the Cashier's Office.

Canceling Summer?
If you applied to live on campus for the summer and want to cancel your application, submit your Cancellation Request Form immediately.

Events & Opportunities

The Cross Cultural Centers have quiet study spaces available to help you prepare for finals. (U-SU, Cross Cultural Centers, Room 206, 2nd

Graduation Gown Ironing: 5/17, 10 AM – 4 PM
If you're a resident who's graduating, the Housing and Residence Life staff wants to send you off in style! Let us iron your graduation gown and any sashes. Sweet treats and celebratory toasts included. (Lounge)

Are you graduating? Take a look at the Commencement website for details.
Library Hours
Check out the library's extened hours this week.
Free Blue Books and Scantrons
A.S.I. has free scantrons and bluebooks available to students. (U-SU, Room 203)

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