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  Here are the latest announcements from June 12


Nuts & Bolts

Empty Space In Your Apartment?
Please welcome the new residents who are still moving in for the summer. If there is an empty space in your apartment, please don’t spread your belongings out. Remember to keep space for new residents in the bedroom, closet, kitchen and bathroom. If your belongings prevent a new student from moving in to their space, you may be assessed a charge.
Having A Visitor Or Guests Over
Your apartment is a shared living space, which requires roommates and housemates to agree on standards for visitors and overnight guests. Visitors must be escorted at all times, they are not allowed to stay in apartment without their host. Remember, there are limits to the number of guests you may have and how long they can stay, which is outlined in the 20182019 Student Guide.
Locked Out Of Your Apartment?
If you get locked out of your apartment or bedroom Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you may go to the Housing Office to borrow courtesy keys. If it is after 5 p.m. or on the weekends, call the On-Duty Staff at (323) 343-4807.
  • A courtesy of three lockouts are offered to residents.
  • After the fourth lockout, residents will be charged a $10 fee and be required to meet with their Resident Director. Additional lockouts will result in incremental charges in the amount of $10 for any additional lockouts. For more information, see “Courtesy Keys” in the Student Guide.
If you misplace or lose your keys, you must report it to the housing office immediately. In addition, never lend your apartment or bedroom key to anyone (including your roommates and housemates) under any circumstances. It is a policy violation to do so.
Maintenance And Repairs Over The Summer
  • Keep your apartment in good condition! Help prevent minor issues from becoming larger ones. If there’s something in your apartment that needs maintenance, please put in a work order. Watch this video for instructions on How To Submit A Work Order
  • We are entering apartments to perform repairs on the fire alarm systems today, June 12, until 5 p.m. The alarms will be on. There will be no need to evacuate.
  • Repairs during the summer will require entrance to some apartments from staff and vendors. You will be notified if repairs will take place in your apartment.
    • Interior plumbing repairs will take place in Phase I’s Eastside through June 22.
    • The laundry room in Phase II’s Building 2 is closed through June 15 for repairs. Please use the laundry rooms in Buildings 1 or 3.
    • GEA construction will take place in Building 2 through July 6. Please be careful around the construction site and don’t cross nor remove barriers.
  • Need to use a computer on campus? Check out the Open Access Labs’ summer hours.

Money Matters 

Fall Payment Due July 10 
If plan to live on campus in the fall, your first payment is due Tuesday, July 10. If you are on the waitlist, save your money and be prepared to make a payment upon being notified that you have been assigned a space.

Events & Opportunities

The beach is coming to you! Have fun with study break activities, giveaways and free snacks, while supplies last. (U-SU Plaza/Walkway)
Watch the Dodgers play against the Houston Astros on Friday, August 3, at Dodger Stadium. Pregame festivities start at 6:30 p.m. and the game begins at 7:10 p.m. Each ticket includes a limited-edition Cal State LA Dodgers baseball cap. See website for details.


Summer Mail Room Hours
The Mail Room has the following summer hours:
  • Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday
Community Center And Dining Commons Closed For The Summer
The Community Center is closed until August 19. For assistance during business hours M–F, 9 a.m.–5p.m., go to the Housing Office. After hours or on weekends, call the On-Duty Staff at 323-343-4807.
The Dining Commons is closed until Monday, August 20.
New Option: Buy Your Summer Parking Permits At The Cashier’s Office
Summer residential parking permits are available for $121.50. If you will be paying with a check or cash, go to the Cashier’s Office, window 7, to get your summer parking permit. To pay with a credit card, go to the Parking and Transportation Center.
Community Safety Over The Summer
With fewer residents on campus, keep in the mind the following safety tips to prevent theft and keep our residential community safe: 
  • Make sure the doors to your apartment, including on the patio, are locked at all times. 
  • Keep your windows closed and locked, especially if you are on the first floor, even when you are home. 
  • Don't let anyone into your apartment who you don't know. If a person comes over to visit a housemate, your housemate should be home to let them in. 
  • Keep your keys on you at all times. If you lose your keys, report it immediately to the Office of Housing and Residence Life in order to have the lock changed.
  • Be smart with your car. Always keep it locked. If you don’t drive it every day, check on it periodically and move it occasionally so it does not appear abandoned. 
  • Always walk with others. At night, when on campus, call the campus escort at 323-343-3700. 
  • Add these emergency numbers to your cell phone: Campus Police (323) 343-3700 and the Summer Community Assistant on Duty (323) 343-4807. 
  • Remember, 9-1-1 connects you to the Highway Patrol. Use this if you are away from campus. If you are on or near campus, use the number for Campus Police for faster response.
  • Put your credit-card companies’ phone numbers in your cell phone. If your wallet is stolen, you’ll need the numbers to cancel your credit cards.

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