The Honors College at Cal State LA benefits from consultation with and advice from an advisory committee made up of faculty drawn from the colleges and library and key administrators drawn from the university's administrative units. The Honors College Advisory Committee is to advise the Director on the Honors College, its curriculum, its infrastructure, and its policies.

The Functions of the HC Advisory Committee are to:

  • Consult with the Director on the development of a five-year plan and budget for the Honors College. Plan will include outreach and recruitment, curriculum (including GE and service learning), faculty development, development plan (working with Institutional Advancement), infrastructure support (office operations, database, website, etc), polices and procedures, handbook, Honors College club and incorporation of appropriate aspects of current GE Honors Program

  • Provide recommendations on admissions policies and procedures for the Honors College

  • Provide recommendations for the development of learning outcomes and assessment plan for the Honors College

  • Suggest strategies to promote the success, retention, and graduation of Honors College Students

  • Recommend and develop co-curricular opportunities to support the learning outcomes of the Honors College

  • Promote synergy between the Honors College across Department, Colleges, and Divisions

  • Recommend and develop partnerships both on and off campus, with programs, schools, community organizations, cultural and intellectual centers, and other individuals and agencies that will contribute to the development of the Honors College

  • Serve as a committee to review curriculum and courses for the Honors College

  • Develop criteria to select faculty who will teach in the Honors College

  • Serve as an advisory committee to the Director on matters pertaining to the Honors College

Current Membership

Director of the Honors College

Trinh Pham

Six faculty members from the colleges

Allison Fuligni (Child and Family Studies)
James Garrett (English)
Matthias Selke (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Lucian Gomoll (Honors College/Liberal Studies)
Jose Anguiano (Honors College/Chicano Studies)
Christopher Endy (History)
Beth Hoffman (Public Health)
Emily Acevedo (Political Science)

One liaison from the Community Engagement Advisory Committee

Mike Willard

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lynn Mahoney

Dean or Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Michelle Hawley

Two members from the Student Affairs Division

Vince Lopez (Director, Director, Admissions and Recruitment)
Nancy Wada-McKee (Assistant VP for Student Affairs-Student Services)

One member from Administration and Finance


One representative from Institutional Advancement

Collette Rocha (Assistant VP for University Development)

One community member or alumni


Two Honors students, including one student representative from student honors council (when constituted)

Sadie Rubalcava


Honors Admissions, Recruitment and Enrollment planning Committee (HARE)

Michelle Hawley (Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
Vince Lopez (Director, Admissions and Recruitment)
Parviz Partow (Acting Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
Marylu Castillo (Coordinator, Honors Advisement, Admissions and Recruitment)

Honors College Steering and Curriculum Committee (HCSC)

Mark Wild (History)- Chair
Emily Acevedo (Political Science)- Vice Chair
Jose Anguiano (Honors College/Chicano Studies)
Christopher Endy (History)
Martin Adamian (Associate Dean, Honors College/Political Science)
Lucian Gomoll (Honors College/Liberal Studies)
Trinh Pham (Director, Honors College)
Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl (Civil Engineering)
Matthias Selke (Chemistry)