Trinh K. Pham, Ph.D.
Director, Honors College

Trinh PhamDr. Pham earned a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UC Irvine, and joined the Mechanical Engineering department at Cal State LA in 2007. In addition to teaching and being actively engaged in aerospace and sustainable energy research, she was the Director of the Professional Practice Program for over three years, developing and implementing an industry-sponsored capstone program for the ECST College.

Dr. Pham joined the Honors College in September 2013, as Associate Director. Having been a product of accelerated education in primary and secondary school, she highly values and understands the need to provide gifted students with the mechanism to thrive in a challenging academic environment, surrounded by like-minded peers and mentors. She has carried these values with her into her current role as director of the Honors College.

Scott Wells, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Honors College

Scott WellsDr. Scott Wells is the Associate Director for the Honors College.  He is also a Professor with the Department of History at Cal State LA, where he has taught medieval and early-modern European history, world history, history of science, and comparative religious studies.  He has taught the upper-division social sciences course for the Honors College students.

Dr. Wells received his BA from Columbia University and his PhD in history from New York University.  He researches medieval monastic thought, including how monks and nuns wrote about world history, embodiment, and the meanings of human difference over time.

Andrea Arias, Ed.D.                                                                                                                              Assistant Director, Early Entrance Program

Andrea Arias EEP Director

Dr. Andrea Arias is the Assistant Director for the Early Entrance Program. She oversees recruitment, admissions, and advisement for EEP, and provides overall support for all EEP students.

Dr. Arias joined the Cal State LA community after serving in K-12 public schools for over 20 years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, a Masters in Educational Administration from CSUDH, a Doctorate in Education with a focus in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University as well as several educational credentials. Her career spans across four districts and two counties, and she has provided support to numerous students and their families.

Marylu Castillo
Academic Advisor and Admissions Coordinator, Honors College

Marylu Ms. Castillo earned her BA in Psychology and her MS in Counseling, with an option in School Leadership and Counseling, from Cal State LA. Prior to becoming an academic advisor, she worked as a research assistant for the Psychology Department and as a student assistant at the University Academic Advisement Center. Her expertise in advisement encompasses general education requirements, university requirements, and university policies and procedures. As a result of her passion to promote student success on campus, she helped establish, and is a member of, the Academic Advisement Council (AAC). In addition, she sponsors several student organizations on the Cal State LA campus.

Jessica Rodriguez
Advisor & Coordinator for Scholarships & Theses, Honors College

jessicaJessica is the Advisor & Coordinator for the National and International Scholarships & Fellowships Program (NISFeP). She works closely with all Cal State LA students, faculty, and staff  to promote external scholarships, fellowships, and other off-campus opportunities. Jessica advises and contributes to the Honors College Thesis process for EEP and Honors students in their fourth year. Jessica enjoys being able to interact and assist students in finding motivational opportunities for advancing their academic and professional careers. As a proud alumna of Cal State LA, with a passion for history, all-things Game of Thrones, and photography, Jessica enjoys being a part of the campus community.

Isabelle Garcia
Program Coordinator, Honors College

isabelleIsabelle is the Program Coordinator for the Honors College, and oversees the day-to-day operations of the office. She coordinates all events for the program and works with Honors College and Early Entrance Program students, faculty, and staff. Isabelle began as the Program Asssistant for EEP in April 2011. In the spirit of growth and success within her person and the program, Isabelle has recently completed her Master's in Public Administration at Cal State LA.


Sadie Rubalcava
Honors Lead Student Assistant

Sadie RubalcavaSadie is the lead Student Assistant for the Honors College. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a minor in History. Sadie is also the Steering Committee Rep. for the Academic Honors Association, the Treasurer for The Young Americans for Freedom, and along with a group of peers is creating a Young Americans for Liberty chapter. She aspires to one day be an American Government teacher at a high school or work for the federal government. She regularly engages in political debates and enjoys spreading her views to students who might have never heard of them. In the Honors College, Sadie assists the administration and Honors faculty with daily tasks, in addition to, events, recruitment, and inter-department communication.

Elan "Violette" Studebaker
Honors Student Assistant

Elan StudebakerElan is a student assistant for the Honors College and is also an honors scholar. She is working towards a Bachelor of Arts in History, and aspires to become a museum curator or archivist. She has an interest in ancient history. She is on the executive board of her sorority, Delta Zeta, and is currently the Secretary of her chapter. In the Honors College, Elan assists the administration and Honors faculty with daily tasks, in addition to, events, recruitment, and inter-department communication.



Caitlin Zarate
Honors Student Assistant

Caitlin ZarateCaitlin is a Student Assistant for the Honors College. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, aspiring to be a Forensic Anthropologist. She is the Marketing Director for the Academic Honors Association, where she works to unite the Honors College community through various events throughout the school year. Caitlin is very passionate about painting, science, anything Steven Universe, and engagement within the campus community, especially the Honors College. Caitlin assists the administration and Honors faculty with daily tasks, in addition to, events, recruitment, and inter-department communication.



Ignacio Gonzalez

Early Enterance Program Graduate Assistant

Ignacio Gonzalez student assistantIgnacio is a student assistant for the Early Entrance Program (EEP). He is working towards a Masters of Biochemistry, and aspires to become a cell therapy specialist or a osteopathic physician. Ignacio is also a research lab manager in one of many laboratories found in Cal State LA.  Ignacio enjoys collecting books and is passionate about scientific discoveries, interior design, bird watching and helping students to achieve their academic goals. In the Early Entrance Program, Ignacio assists the administration and EEP faculty with daily tasks, in addition to, events, recruitment, and inter-department communication.