MSW - Advising

MSW Advising is conducted by the Academic Advisor and the MSW Coordinator.  Each provide advising for specific areas; please see below to determine which to make an appointment with.

» Academic Advisor
» MSW Coordinator
» Full-Time Academic Faculty
» Student Resources




Academic Advisor
Melinda Vasquez, MS
          Appointments are scheduled online - Click HERE

» Advancement to Candidacy
» Graduation Applications
» Input course substitutions
» Return from leave of absence (forms)


MSW Coordinator

Anh-Luu Huynh-Hohnbaum, PhD
» Academic probation advising
» Approval of unarticulated course substitutions that require an evaluation of the course content  in terms of its equivalence to CSULA SW curriculum and course offerings.
» Disqualification advising
» Leave of absence advising
» Return from leave of absence (academic)



Full-Time Academic Faculty
           Please check office hours at 

» Career advising