ADN-BSN Collaborative Program Updates

Photo of ADN-BSN Collaborative students

ADN-BSN Collaborative Program at Cal State LA

by Cindy Ginter, MSN, RN

The ADN-BSN Collaborative Program launched in 2013 with a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Academic Progression in Nursing (APIN) project goal for the Los Angeles Collaborative (which became known as the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program at Cal State LA) is to advance the expansion and sustainability of a seamless and collaborative model of excellence in nursing education between associate degree (ADN) and baccalaureate degree (BSN) nursing programs in California. The Cal State LA collaborative partnership for the ADN-BSN is now fully self-sustaining and is projected to continue into the future. Thirteen regional community colleges are currently partnered with Cal State LA to offer a seamless transition to the BSN. The configuration of community colleges may change depending on participation and interest, yet the program capacity continues to be met with 80 students admitted to the program each year.

This fall, Cindy Ginter and Brittany Brooks are on the road conducting information sessions at our partner community colleges. The purpose of these visits is to explain the ADN-BSN Collaborative model to prospective students. The students have an opportunity to ask questions about the program and determine their eligibility to participate.

As we welcome Cohort 6 students in Summer 2018, we will continue working together to streamline the program schedule and simplify the administrative requirements for students in order for the ADN-BSN Collaborative Program to continue running smoothly for many years to come.