Academic Programs - Master of Science Degree Program in Nutritional Science

Master of Science Degree Program in Nutritional Science

The Master of Science Degree Program in Nutritional Science is an individualized program designed to develop specialized professional competence in the selected areas of food science, dietetics and nutrition, while also providing breadth in related areas.  The program is designed for persons preparing for positions as public health nutritionists or supervisors in dietetics and food production and service, or doctoral study in nutrition and dietetics.  Graduate students seeking to qualify for the Registered Dietitian examination may complete appropriate course work and clinical experiences concurrently with requirements for the master’s degree by also completing courses in the Coordinated Dietetics Program (CDP), or the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD).  The CDP requires a separate application for admission.

To apply to this graduate program, student must apply and fulfill University requirements for admission to graduate study and must also submit a separate graduate program application to the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science.  Please refer to Applications information at the top of this page for more information.

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Nutritional Science, M.S.

Below are frequently asked questions about the MS program.

If you still have questions after reading the following, and accessing the web pages, please feel free to email or call the department to request a faculty advisor to respond to specific questions.

You may enter Cal State LA for Fall semester entry only. Below is information about the Application Process.  The application process may be changing for spring 2017, so please check back in the fall for any updates.

Step 1:


Starting in the fall, apply to Cal State LA.  Information about how to apply can be found at the Graduate Admissions website.

The university will need a number of documents, including your official transcripts and GRE scores.

Step 2:

Starting in early January, a secondary application will become available for the Nutrition Master’s program through the School of Kinesiology& Nutritional Science.  The secondary application is required. In addition to what is required by the university through CSUMentor, the School of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science will also need a copy of your transcripts, a copy of your GRE scores, two letters of reference, a statement of purpose, and the completed application.  You can email Marivic Erskine for a copy of the application at

The deadline for the secondary application varies but will be posted on the Graduate Studies website during early fall.

Step 3:

If you are also interested in also applying to the Coordinated Dietetics Program (CDP), a third application is required (you must also apply to the university and the MS program too).  Applications are available in early January. You can email Marivic Erskine for a copy.  Additional information regarding the Mission statement, Goals and Objectives, and required coursework for the CDP are available at

Application requirements for the MS program:

Please note that the following admission requirements are in effect for our MS program in Nutritional Science. 

Minimum GPA for the last 60 units of coursework must be above a 3.0. We will not consider your application if your GPA is below the minimum.

GRE - minimum scores of 400 on verbal (146 on new test), 500 (144) on quantitative and 3.5 on analytical writing.  We take the highest score from each category to meet the minimums.  We will not consider your application if the score is below the minimum.  If you need to retake the GRE, please make sure that the official scores are received by the university and by the department BEFORE the deadline.  In process GRE scores are not accepted.

Lower division science prerequisites must be in progress or completed by spring to ensure students can begin during summer semester.