Exercise Science Student Learning Outcomes

BS Exercise Science

Upon completion of the program the students will be able to:

    Learning outcome 1 - Understand the anatomical and biomechanical bases of human movement

    Learning outcome 2 - Understand the physiological and biophysical bases of human movement

    Learning outcome 3 - Use an array of technologies to support inquiry and professional practice

    Learning outcome 4 - Understand and apply the principles of exercise testing and prescription to diverse populations at various developmental stages and under a range of health conditions

    Learning outcome 5 - Evaluate the scientific literature in the discipline, understand and synthesize relevant information from it, and be able to convey this information both orally and in writing

    Learning Outcome 6 – Pursue Graduate degrees in related fields such as Kinesiology/Exercise Science, Nutritional Science and Allied Health.

    Learning Outcome 7 – Pursue post graduate professional studies in one of the Allied Health fields