Information for Super Senior Students

FAQs for Super Seniors 

Super Senior Plan


As part of the Graduation Initiative announced by the Board of Trustees of California State University, Cal State L.A. has implemented measures to facilitate student progress to degree. Our highest priority is your successful graduation and attainment of personal life goals. The campus has developed a Super Senior Plan, which is available on this page, for students who have more than 36 units beyond the minimum required for their major degree, with at least 111 units completed at CSULA.


The College of Health & Human Services has designated advisors that will work with you to help guide your continuing enrollment until you graduate. You will be required to enroll in courses that fulfill the remaining requirements for your degree. Enrollment in other or additional courses will be possible only on a space-available basis after the first class meeting. 


Your first step is to schedule an appointment with an advisor in your major to identify the courses you need to graduate.  A list of HHS staff advisors assigned by major is available at


In order to register for courses, you will need to contact or meet with your advisor each quarter prior to registration.  When you contact your advisor to request courses to be added, you must secure the following:


  1. Registration fees are paid 3 business days in advance.  Or, if you qualify for financial aid, very that the Office of Financial Aid has covered your registration fees on time.


  1. If a course requires a permit, secure the permit has been entered on GET by the department offering the course.


  1. Verify you have met the prerequisites of the course(s) you plan to enroll in.


  1. Provide your advisor the following information and secure that numbers 1-3 above are in place. 




Class Number (5 digit #)

Course (example ENGL 102)



Your advisor will submit the request to the Registrar’s Office, who can enroll you in your required courses prior to the start of registration for that quarter.


Again, your first step is to schedule an appointment with the staff advisor in your major (