Frequently Asked Questions - English Proficiency

Who is required to take an English proficiency test?

All applicants, irrespective of citizenship, whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English, must demonstrate competence in English by taking an English proficiency test.

For details and requirements regarding an English proficiency test, please click here.

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Do I need to take any English proficiency tests if I have completed English Composition at my college or university?

Completion of English Composition does not exempt you from taking the English proficiency test for graduate studies admission.

If you are a graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a college or university where the language of instruction is not solely English, you must take one of the English proficiency tests. Three years of education in an English speaking institution or completion of English Composition does not exempt you from taking an English proficiency test.


If I do not pass an English proficiency test, will conditional admission be granted if I have met all the admission requirements?

Conditional admission is NOT offered to students who are required to have a satisfactory score from a valid English proficiency test.


If I complete the English Language Program (ELP), will I automatically be admitted to the university?

Completion of the English Language Program does not guarantee admission to the university. If an ELP student would like to attend the university, all admission procedures must be followed and all admission requirements must be met.


If I have taken multiple tests, will the best score be considered for admission?

The highest score that was taken within two years from the admitted term will be used.


Is a test result that I took a long time ago acceptable?

The test must be taken within two years from the quarter that you applied.


Is an Institutional TOEFL score accepted?

No, we do not accept the Institutional TOEFL for graduate studies admission.


Can I take the IELTS?

IELTS results will be accepted. Please refer to the English Proficiency page for details.


Is an official English proficiency test score required?

Yes, an official test score must be sent directly to Cal State LA from ETS, IELTS or PTE. A photocopy of your test score will be considered temporarily for admission. If you are admitted, your official test score must be received in the Admissions office by a given date posted on your To-Do-List.


Where do I register for the English proficiency tests?

Applicants may register for the tests online. Request that the test results be sent directly to the Admissions office California State University, Los Angeles. Please refer to the English Proficiency page for more details.


What is the Institution Code used to send TOEFL scores to Cal State LA?

The institution code for California State University, Los Angeles is 4399. Please do not use the departmental sub-codes.


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