Frequently Asked Questions - Application Status

What do I need to do to be considered for admission to Cal State LA? 

Submit an application online and pay the processing fee before the deadlines for the term to which you are applying.

•          Take the English proficiency test if required.

•          Submit a copy of your record of grades and any degree or diploma received. Please refer to the Document Checklist for more information.

•          Check with your Cal State LA major department for any additional requirements.


When should I send all my documents?

There is a document submission deadline which is, in general, 10 business days following the application deadline. Please refer to our Deadlines webpage for details.

It is always best to send them as early as possible so that you have sufficient time to submit additional required records by the document submission deadline if anything more is required. Early submission of your application and all documents required will ensure that you have enough time to be evaluated, and if admitted, processed through immigration.


Where should I mail in my academic records?

[1] For domestic transcripts from institutions in U.S:

Cal State LA
Office of Admissions and Recruitment
ATTN: Graduate Admissions
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90032

[2] For international transcripts or academic documents from overseas institutions:

Please visit our website for details.


How can I tell that the Admissions Office has received my documents?

Look up the To-Do-List on your GET account. Please note that the GET system runs on English MS Window only.


How can I tell that I still need to submit outstanding document(s)?

Look up the To-Do-List on your GET account.


What should I do to follow up on the progress my application?

Look up the To-Do-List on your GET account. If you have questions, please contact us by email. Please indicate your CIN.


Is my friend allowed to check my status?

Application information will only be released to you. No one can inquire about your application status unless you authorize that person in writing using the FERPA Waiver. Once the FERPA Waiver is completed and signed by you, we will be able to release information and any documents to the person whom you have authorized on the FERPA Waiver.


I have not received my CIN or PIN.

Your CIN is sent to your email address on your application within a week after you have successfully submitted a CSUMentor application. Please check the accuracy of your email address on the application. If a correction is needed, please follow instruction on this form.

If your email address is correct, please check your inbox and the junk boxes of your email account.

Your PIN is emailed to you within a week following the CIN email. You may request a new PIN by sending an email to our Records Department. Provide your CIN, your name, date of birth when you submit your request.


Why I am unable to log into my GET account?

(1) Please check the operating system of your computer. The GET system runs on English MS Window. You must use a computer that runs on English MS Window to login.

(2) Your access is blocked after 3 attempts of unsuccessful login. Please contact the GET help line at 323-343-7438 or email the Records Department. Provide your CIN, your name and a valid email address when you submit your request.


My major department has accepted me. Why is my admission status still incomplete?

Although you have been admitted, additional records or documents are required to finalize your admission. Please check your GET account for any outstanding documents.


I was admitted last year but I was not able to enroll. What should I do if I want to attend Cal State LA this year?

Each application is good for one term only. If you do not attend the term to which you applied, you must submit another new online application and pay fee again.


How will I be notified of my application status?

You will be notified by email. Check your email account, including the junk/spam folders, for reminders and notifications.

You should also check your GET portal for updates as well. When you are admitted, a green check mark will appear next to the admitted term. 


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