Summer 2016 Cost of Attendance

What is the Cost of Attendance?

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of costs associated with attending the University for a given enrollment period (e.g. one quarter and/or one academic year). There are (3) standard student budgets: Commuter (i.e., living at home with parents), On-campus, and Off-campus.  In addition to tuition and fees, each budget contains student expense allowances for books and supplies, room and board, miscellaneous/personal, and transportation for the duration of attendance.

The average student expenses will vary from student to student depending on his/her living arrangements and individual needs. The tables below provide the estimated amounts for Summer 2016 attendance; however, the actual costs may differ on an individual basis. 

Please note:  All tuition and fees should be considered as estimates and are current at the time of publication.  Tuition and Fees are subject to change without prior notification.

Summer 2016 Session
  Commuter  On-Campus  Off-Campus
Tuition and Fees* * $ 2,976 * $ 2,976 * $ 2,976
Books and Supplies  $ 620 $ 620 $ 620
Room and Board  $ 1,590   $ 4,278  $ 4,478
Miscellaneous/Personal  $ 464   $ 464  $ 464
Transportation  $ 495  $ 463   $ 485
TOTAL  $ 6,145 $ 8,798  $ 9,020

*The tuition rate for Summer 2016 Session is $248 per unit for all students (resident/non-resident, undergraduate, credential, and post-baccalaureate/graduate).  The fees listed above are based on 12 units at $248 per unit for courses registered through Summer Session. Students who enroll only in Summer Session courses will not be assessed campus fees. Students with a mixed enrollment status (i.e., Summer Session and State-Supported Summer) will be assessed accordingly, which may include campus fees.

  • Summer Session courses are listed as Section 80, 81, 82, etc. in the Schedule of Classes.
  • State-Supported Summer courses are listed as Section 01, 02, 03, etc. in the Schedule of Classes.

**Tuition and fees for enrollment through the State-Supported Summer are listed below.

State-Supported Summer
Student Type/Unit Summer Quarter
Undergraduate Programs
0 to 6.0 units
$ 1,349.84
6.1 or more units
$ 2,115.84
Credential Programs
0 to 6.0 units
$ 1,519.84
6.1 or more units
$ 2,407.84
Graduate and Other post-Baccalaureate Programs
0 to 6.0 units $ 1,593.84
6.1 or more units $ 2,537.84

**Non-resident students are assessed $248 per unit in addition to basic tuition and fees for courses listed above.

**Graduate/Master’s students enrolling in specific business and economic courses through the main campus will be assessed a professional program fee at $169 per unit in addition to basic tuition and fees listed above.

Please visit the Cashier’s Office at for fee information.

Please visit the Summer Session website for the Schedule of Classes.