2019-2020 Systemwide Scholarship Opportunities

The Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship 


The Nathaniel R. and Valerie Dumont Scholarship was established through a bequest in 1993 to assist students with financial needs, especially those with visual or physical impairments.





  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA.
  • Student must be currently enrolled full-time and plan to continue being enrolled full-time in the Fall 2019-Spring 2020 academic year.
  • Student must file a 2019-2020 FAFSA or California Dream Act Application and must demonstrate financial need.
  • Provide verification from a licensed physician or disabled student services office of visual or physical impairment if applicable.


*Strong consideration will be given to students who are visually impaired, followed in priority by students with other physical impairments. Students without visual or physical impairments are also eligible for this scholarship.

Application Process

To be considered for the Dumont Scholarship, students must submit the following documents together in one envelope to the Center for Student Financial Aid & Scholarships (SA124), Attn: Veronica Popovic.

  • A brief personal statement (word document, 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, there is no page limit). The heading should include the following: student’s name, CIN#, Dumont Scholarship, Personal Statement. The personal statement should include the following information: Background, challenges encountered, personal achievements, educational pursuits, and goals and aspirations for the future.

  • Applicant Information Form Click here
  • Medical health professional’s verification of physical impairment or verification of visual disability, which includes the best corrected visual acuity notations using the “Confirmation of Visual Disability” form (if applicable). Click Here 

Application Deadline: Thursday, March 28, 2019 by 11:00am