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Dr. Pebdani completed a bachelors degree in psychology in 2004, at the American University of Paris.  Her master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling was earned at Syracuse University, and she has a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the University of Maryland.

After graduation, she completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Washington.  She has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland, Western Washington University, and Springfield College.

She started at CSULA in Fall of 2015.  She is currently coordinator of the Rehabilitation Counseling master’s program and teaches in the master’s program in Rehabilitation Counseling and the undergraduate program in Rehabilitation Services.

Teaching interests

Dr. Pebdani enjoys teaching in the Rehabilitation Counseling graduate program and the Rehabilitation Services Undergraduate program at CSULA.  She teaches the Multicultural Counseling, Supervised Internship in Rehabilitation Counseling, Assessment in Counseling, Principles of Research and Program Evaluation, and Group Counseling courses.


Dr. Pebdani’s research focuses on women’s issues in disability.  She focuses on pregnancy and fertility for women with disabilities.  She also conducts research on sexuality and disability.  Additionally, she enjoys publishing and presenting on pedagogy in rehabilitation counseling.

Recent Publications

Dong, S., Ferguson, T., Oire, S., & Pebdani, R.N. (In Press).  Examining the quality and quantity of supervision in rehabilitation counselor training. Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counseling.

Pebdani, R. N., Johnson, K., Amtmann, D., Bamer, A., & Wundes, A. (2015). Experiences and perspectives of pregnancy in women with multiple sclerosis. Sexuality and Disability. 33, 47-52. doi:10.1007/s1195-014-9363-7

Pebdani, R. N., & Johnson, K. L. (2015).  Rehabilitation counseling students report on training and sexuality. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 58(3), 173-175, doi:10.1177/0034355214553308

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Pebdani, R. N., Johnson, K. L., Amtmann, D. (2014). Personal experiences of pregnancy and fertility in individuals with spinal cord injury. Sexuality and Disability, 32(1), 65-74, 10.1007/s1195-013-9319-3

Pebdani, R. N. (2013) Rehabilitation counselor knowledge, comfort, approach and attitude towards sex and disability. Rehabilitation Research, Policy and Education, 27(1), 32-43

Book Chapters

Pebdani, R. N. (2015). Advocacy and Accessibility. In J. Stano. (Ed.), Ethics in Rehabilitation Cousneling, A Case Study Approach. Aspen Professional Services.

Pebdani, R. N. (2015). Ethics in Research and Publiction. In J. Stano. (Ed.), Ethics in Rehabilitation Cousneling, A Case Study Approach. Aspen Professional Services.

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Pebdani, R. N., Johnson, K., Bamer, A., & Amtmann, D. (2013 October). Comparing two sleep measures in multiple sclerosis.  Poster presented to the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis 18th Annual Conference of Rehabilitation in MS.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Educational Background

Ph.D., Counselor Education, University of Maryland

M.S., Rehabilitation Counseling, Syracuse University

B.A., Psychology, American University of Paris

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