Lois Andre-Bechely, Ph.D.

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Charter College of Education
Division of Applied & Advanced Studies in Education
Email: loisab@exchange.calstatela.edu


I joined Cal State L.A. in Fall 2001 as faculty in Educational Foundations. As a former elementary school teacher and parent in Los Angeles Unified School District, I bring those experiences to my work in the Charter College of Education. 



I teach a variety of courses for post-bac and graduate level study: EDFN 440 - Schooling for a Diverse, Urban Society; EDFN 505 - Qualitative Research in Education; EDFN 552 - Policy Studies in Urban Education; EDAD 605 - Advocacy, Community Engagement and Governance: The Social and Political Contexts of Education; EDAD 692 - Special Topics in Educational Leadership for PreK-16 Education.



My research interests center around parents' understandings of and experiences with the implementation of educational policy and reform. In particular, my past work as a parent representative on various local school and district-level leadership committees led to my interest in studying how parents are positioned within educational institutions, and as participants in school change. For example, my research has explored the policy implementation of public school choice in a large urban school district and incorporated a feminist qualitative methodology known as Institutional Ethnography to uncover and map the actual district organization of school choice policies, practices, and outcomes from the standpoint of a diverse group of public school parents. I continue to use Institutional Ethnography as my method of inquiry to study educational policy from the everyday real world of people in local schools to the institutional contexts of schooling which help to shape and determine parents� experiences during their children�s PreK-16 education.



Title Date
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Ph.D. Education Policy Studies, Urban Schooling Division 1999

  • UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA

M.Ed. Elementary Education 1989

  • UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA

B.A. Psychology 1988

  • UCLA
    Los Angeles, CA