John Hurley, Lecturer in Computer Science

My mom thinks I'm handsome
College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Department of Computer Science
Office Location: ET A 310



I teach a broad range of courses in Computer Science.  I have most recently taught CS2012: Introduction to Programming With Java Part II, CS2013: Programming with Data Structures, CS3801: Societal and Ethical Impacts of Computing, and CS3035: Paradigms of Programming Languages.  I also advise a group of Senior Design students on a capstone project each year.

Office Hours


The purpose of office hours is to get clarification on class material and assignments.  Come to my office hours with specific questions.  Please don't:

  • Study or write any substantial amount of code in my office hours space
  • Ask me to write code for you
  • Use office hours as a substitute for reading the textbook and paying attention to the lectures

My office hours end at the times shown.  I have other commitments immediately after my office hours, so please arrive or call in well before the scheduled end time. 

Office Hours Schedule For Spring 2020 (online):

I am currently holding my office hours online.  I have emailed the Zoom links to my current students.  If you are not a current student and want to call in, email me at the address shown above for the link.

Monday 6:45 PM to 7:45 PM 
Wednesday 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM

Senior Design 2019-20

My Senior Design students for 2019-20 were Fadi Haddad, Klaudia Hernandez, Nate Suarez, Tony Truong, and group leader Justine West.  Check out their outstanding work on development for The Arqive.