Bijan Berenji

College of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Office Location: BS 214
Phone: 323-343-2437 Email:

Education:  PhD, Stanford, 2011 (specialization in astrophysics)


Recently, I have worked on observational and theoretical studies of neutron stars to set constraints on axions, a particle from theoretical physics.

That research is described in the journal Physical Review D.

I have previously worked on large extra dimensions:

I am an affiliated member of the Fermi Large Area Telescope collaboration. 


Teaching spring 2016:

Astronomy 151: Principles of Astronomy - Lecture

Astronomy 152:  Lab

Physics 213: Electricity and Magnetism - Lecture


Teaching winter 2016:

Physics 102-01 Physics II Lecture

Physics 102-03 Physics II Lab

Physics 212-02  Wave, Optics and Thermodynamics - Lecture

Physics 213-07, 213-18 Electricity and Magnetism - Activity


Additional Website: