EOP | Transfer Bridge

The transition to a new institution has been documented to be a difficult one regardless of who is transferring. During the Transfer Bridge students are exposed to the rules, regulations and the infrastructure of the school.
The purpose of Transfer Bridge is to assist students in the transition to Cal State L.A. During Transfer Bridge students learn to navigate the environment successfully. The Transfer Bridge is structured in such a way to help students be engaged and become real “users” and active participants of Cal State L.A. university environment.

The Transfer Bridge Program

The EOP Transfer Bridge is open to eligible transferring EOP students, and is “free of charge”. Participants take part in the program during the ten weeks summer quarter prior to the fall admissions to Cal State L.A. 

Participants of the program have the opportunity to earn up to 6 units of credit by enrolling in an upper division general education theme courses (4 units) and a library science 250 course (2 units).

The Transfer Bridge program is available to qualified students on a first-come first-served basis. All interested students must submit a Transfer Bridge application separate from the EOP application. Please contact EOP for an application.

Students unable to attend all courses are welcome to enroll in the EOP Transfer Workshop Series.

If you are interested in the Transfer Bridge program or have questions, please contact EOP at (323) 343-4367.