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Meynard Ancheta
Phone: (323) 343-4367


image of meynard a.My goal is to enable students to achieve their greatest potential by helping them realize their talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, I also strive to help students figure out what matters the most to them, their core values and beliefs and then integrate those values and beliefs to their goals as students and later on to their professional careers.

I received my undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from Cal Poly Pomona and am currently attending Cal State L.A.'s Masters Program in Education. I hope to bring all my experiences from MSMC to my tenure as a counselor for EOP.

My personal life consists of daily training in the martial arts.

In between training I make room for my other hobbies such as sailing, hiking, hunting, camping, mountain biking, web authoring, video editing, drawing, archery, writing, and of course reading all sorts of books. I naturally have a thirst for knowledge and I am a voracious learner. I get restless when I'm not learning something new. My idea is to be as well rounded and knowledgeable as possible so that I may be able to maximize my full potential.

I look forward to being your EOP counselor and hope to be able to impart something of my self to each student that I meet so that they may maximize their own potential!


Mary Bailey
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of mary b.I am an educator and advocate for ongoing learning because I can see how far eduation has brought me from the rural public school system of Hinds County, Mississippi. The higher-learning experience has brought me thousands of miles from home, and light-years from my modest beginnings. Along the way, I have encountered many interesting people and ideas, and have touched many lives.

I graduated from Mississippi Valley State University with a dual degree in Sociology and English. After moving to California, I taught at various levels for a number of Catholic schools through the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Receiving my Reading Specialist training at Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, I then moved on to Cal State L.A. as a reading specialist/counselor for the Upward Bound Program and counselor for the Educational Opportunity Program.

Here at Cal State L.A., I have broadened my learning experiences with graduate courses in Education. Throughout all of my experiences in academia, the positive interaction with students, which can only come through active teaching, has remained a continuing interest.


Luz Borjon
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of luz b.Luz received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Chicano Studies from UC Berkeley in 1995.

After graduating from college, she worked as high school teacher for the L.A. Unified School District and as the Academic Coordinator for the Educational Talent Search Program at Cal State L.A.

She received her Master's of Education (M.ED) with a specialization in counseling in higher education from UCLA in June 2000.

Born in East Los Angeles, she is a mother two boys. Her pastimes include writing poetry, reading, salsa dancing, and talking about critical race theory and politics.


Paul Brown
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of paul b.Originally from the East Coast, I journeyed to the West Coast via academic and athletic scholarships.

I have an M.A. in theology (study of God) and an M.A. in marriage, family, and child therapy.

As an EOP counselor my purpose is to provide my students an educational environment that is challenging, hopefully fun, and especially a marketable experience.

My hobbies are reading, reading, and reading. However, I also love sports, meeting people, traveling and learning new things.


Art Estrada
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of art e.Hi there! I have been with EOP since July of 2007 but prior to that, I worked in the Admission Office at Cal State LA for the last 30 years.

As an admission Evaluator and Assistant Admission Officer, I was able to assist students in resolving dificult situations and helping make the transition to Cal State L.A. as easy as possible.

As an EOP counselor, I will continue the commitment to students and the campus community.

My main interests include going to concerts (too many to mention but U2 and Pearl Jam are my favorite bands and are great in concert), sporting events (Lakers and Kings) and just enjoying family and friends.

I have an open door policy so feel free to stop by. I look forward to talking to you!

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Irene Villasenor Martinez
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of irene v.I am from Boyle Heights and I was able to enter Cal State L.A. and receive my BA degree in Public Administration because of EOP.  Through this opportunity I have come to learn many aspects of education and I have gone on to earn a Masters of Science degree in Counseling from Cal State L.A. too.

I also look forward to working towards an Educational Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Cal State L.A. as well.

As a student, there has always been an obstacle of one kind or another and as a counselor I have heard many more; however, none have persuaded me that I or any other student could not achieve their academic goals. You may only need some resources, guidance and a lot of effort.

When I am not helping guide others through educational mazes, I am spending my time with our son Adam and my husband Carlos.  I am usually involved with one or all of my five sisters and three brothers, our Mom and many other family members. We have a host of extended family and friends too. When able to fit it in, I love to sale shop and have power lunches.   


Tanya Maxwell
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of tanya m..I entered Cal State L.A. as an EOP student, and received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in June of 1999. I am currently completing the Masters program in Psychology here at Cal State L.A. My career on campus began as a study group leader for the Student Support Program (SSP).The experiences I shared with students and staff at SSP confirmed that Student Affairs was my calling. As the former coordinator of the Student Support Program, I realized that there are many students who, if pushed in the right direction, can and will achieve their goals despite certain obstacles.

As a counselor, I enjoy interfacing with students one on one as well as providing them with the necessary tools needed for academic success. I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and I am a first generation college graduate. I am a mom of three beautiful children, a wife, and a full-time counselor (time management is my life). I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my family and friends. I am very excited to join a team of counselors who give their all to help students. I am dedicated to student service and look forward to working with as many students as possible. My door is always open!


Steven Wilson
Phone:(323) 343-4367


image of steven w.Hello, I am Steven Wilson and it is my pleasure to service the needs of the students of California State University, Los Angeles and the Educational Opportunity Program.

 I assist students in getting acclimated to University life and provide them the tools necessary to stay focused and make positive, well-informed decisions. 

My counseling philosophy emphasizes singleness of purpose as an integral aspect of personal development and educational success.

I strive to push our students towards setting and attaining higher academic goals for themselves so as to enhance their future opportunities for success. I find the work here at California State University, Los Angeles to be both challenging and rewarding and look forward to servicing the needs of our students in the years to come.