What is Changemakers?

Changemakers is a welcoming community of students working to connect with other students to support student wellbeing and self-care at Cal State LA. 


What does Changemakers do?

Changemakers offers ongoing outreach and wellness activities to strengthen students’ sense of connection to their peers at Cal State LA and to the university, in general. Changemakers activities promote self awareness, self care, stress management and fun, and connect students to other campus resources and events. 

Cal State LA Changemakers make a difference in the community.


Join us

Joining Changemakers is a great ways to meet people, make a difference at Cal State LA, and have fun. Our Leadership Team meetings take place on Fridays from 10:00 AM- noon during the semester. We’d love to have you join us. Even if you aren’t free for the Leadership Team meetings, we’ll find opportunities for you based on your availability. We will also be looking for facilitators for Mind Matters Town Halls.  We will be starting off 2018-19 with a one-day pre-semester retreat.


Who should join?

Changemakers include first year through grad students, transfer students, first gen college students, students who are just starting at Cal State LA and students who have been here for years. Anyone who would like to meet new people, get involved, grow personally, develop their leadership skills, make a difference at Cal State LA and have fun is encouraged to join us.


How can I get involved?


Please complete the form (see below) if you are interested in getting involved. We will contact you over the summer with details about the retreat and our plans for starting off the semester.


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What is the First Gen College project?

Initiated by two teams of Social Marketing students, the First Gen College project is working to raise awareness about the first gen college experience at Cal State LA and connect first gen college students, faculty and staff. Check us out on Instagram. If you want to participate in the awareness campaign or our First Gen College Mixers and other programs, please complete the form (on the right) to get involved and we will contact you.


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For more information

Contact Shifra Teitelbaum, Director by text at (310) 766-6631 or email at


 Changemakers Instagram

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